Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Which Do You Prefer and Why Wednesday

So I asked my fellow readers and Facebook friends to shoot me some categories for this post this week. Thank you to everyone who helped! 

So Which Do I Prefer and Why:

My friend Janelle from Texas asked: 

Crinkle fries vs curly fries:


I totally am a fan of curly fries! LOVE these things! 

Winter vs summer:
Totally a Summer fan over the winter! 

Scary movies vs comedy:
Comedy by far takes over. I am not a fan of scary movies at ALL! 

Feather pillow vs not feather pillow:


I have both and LOVE them as a matter of fact we have about 15 pillows on our bed! 

My friend Amy from Mobile Alabama asked:

Cold Weather vs Hot Weather:

Neither really lol I am a very climate controlled person lol but if I had to choose.. hot would win! 

My friend Megan from High School out in Cali asked: 

Wal-Mart vs Target:

I was raised as a Target baby and needless to say my heart will always be.. BUT I do happen to work for Wal-Mart...

Auto Zone vs O'Reilly's:
Auto Zone is who we use the most and honestly that is due to the fact that AZ is the hubbies choice :)

Android vs Apple:

So I have both... Android for work.. Apple for personal... LOVE both...

Starbucks vs Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf:

I would say Starbuck would win because we don't have a CB and TL here...
We do have a Dunkin Donuts but over all SB's still wins...

My Best Friend Mia from So Cal asks:

Sun vs. snow

SUN shine! Snow is only good for 24 hours then I am ready for it to melt away

Sports vs. reading

Wait reading isn't a sport? damn...
Reading is my thing I have NEVER been athletic... ever....

Running vs walking
I LOVED running about 20 years ago, but now I am OLD so walking it is!

Superheroes vs princesses:

Superheroes by far! Even my girls would agree with this one!

Flowers vs swords
Ok so I like flowers and I like swords... ??? I am not sure where Mia was going with this one LOL

Would you like to hear more?

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