Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tattooed Tuesday: The Ink of Love

8 years ago my hubby and I celebrated two years together with a special and permanent gift. 
We took the plunge and got a tattoo together. We decided to get each others initials on the left side of our necks. Completely on a whim! 
This was very frowned upon from our families but we were excited about them and loved our new ink!
Location: Screamers Tattoo located in Daleville,  Alabama. 
Artist: Dave
Shop: Open still but in new unknown location
Location of Tat: Left side of neck veins run closer to your heart. :) 
Pain scale for the Hubby: 2
Pain scale for myself: 2
Cost: $80 for both
Time in chair: 15-20 minutes each

The night we went to get our ink we sat down and decided to do each others initials to forever show our love and impact that eaxh other had in our lives.
We picked a simple script since my neck couldn't handle a BOLD one like the others that we had liked so much but we wanted one that was "unisexed".
I will be honest I was nervous to do something so bold (and we all know I am a rebel at heart) with something so life long and such a noticable place. 
All of my ink work up until this stage was where I was able to cover them up for work purposes and this one was in YOUR face! 
The agreement was I paid for his and he paid for mine BUT he had to go first. See I am not TOTALLY stupid. ;)
Having him go first was a mistake or a blessing depending on how you look at it because he messed with me the whole time! He made it out to seem like it was the worst tat ever and he has one on his stomach! (more on that one soon) The faces he made had me so scared that it was going to hurt and that I would whimp out and cry the whole 15 minutes it took to sit there. By the time I got to the the chair I will be honest I was scared shitless.
Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised it didnt hurt as bad as my loving ass made it seem. ;) 
Saturday November 1st this loving ass of mine and myself will be celebrating a decade together. Our tats are now 8 years old and we love them as much as we did the moment we decided on them.
Was this a traditional gift? No of course not.
But we pride ourselves and are teaching our girls that it is ok to be different, odd and a little weird. Life would be so boring without people like that. We embrace our uniqueness and when it comes to our ink we are proud to be sporting it.
We do tease each other on what they will stand for if anything was to happen to our marriage and or our relationship and here is what we decided on:
AMJ: American Made Jackass
SDJ: Stupid Dumb Jackass

You HAVE to laugh in life ;) 

So what is the most untraditional gift you have received for a special occasion? Comment below...