Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase 3

Yesterday was Ms. D’s check up at the orthodontist. She had her spacers taken out and then fitted for her full brackets (the ones that go in the back and wrap around the whole tooth).
They did an impression of her upper jaw in order to make the split plate that she has to have put in on the 15th of April. Needless to say she did not like that step and gaged numerous times.
Nothing worst then thinking your child is going to up chuck all over the orthodontist office!
Ms. D also got to change her colors today, something that she was excited about and was unexpected. She chose silver and hot pink!
Here are the new colors!

Up next: Spilt plate inserted to widen her jaw…. Stay tuned! 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase Two

Well today was the official start to operation brace face! 
This morning we went to see the Orthodontist and up until chair time we were both excited, this was quickly diminished when D hit the chair and they started their work.

D received 4 brackets, and 2 spacers this morning to make room for the brackets for her split plate in the next few weeks. 
Needless to say I am no longer D's favorite person. :(

She will thank me in 2 years I am sure, but until then she said she will no longer smile for me. 
She was excited to receive her shirt which she picked camo and a water bottle full of the essentials to keep her braces and teeth shiny and clean, which included her new BFF wax, a timer, floss, tooth brush, mirror and other goodies!
The assistant went back over the "No-No" list with her in which she was not thrilled about, but D did take the copy with her to school so she can be sure not to eat things on her list at school. Which for me is comforting and shows that she is thinking about the importance of these next 2 years. 
Here are a few pictures of today's events! 
Our before Image

Adding the first 4 brackets


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase One

Operation Brace Face is going to be a series of blogs on here that will follow my oldest daughter and her adventure in getting her braces! 
With the world as it is this is something most parents will have their children endure.
About 15 years ago I endured this very thing and I thought it would be a series that would help parents as I face the challenges of this Operation. 

Soooo.... let's begin.

About a year ago we went to her dentist for her 6 month check up and cleaning when they noticed that D had a lot of crowding in her mouth and that she needed to see an orthodontist. With this said we went back and forth a few times doing preventive work which included have 4 teeth pulled. These were baby teeth as they hope that they will not have to pull any adult teeth in her future. 

So 2 weeks ago we went back to the orthodontist to see if they were going to do more preventive work or if they were going to go ahead and hit me with a bill and start Operation Brace Face. 
Well it was the latter....

I will not disclose our final price for these since every client's pricing will vary but I will say that it is about what I expected and the hubby on the other hand thinks it is highway robbery. UGH!

That day they sent us home with what they call the "No-No" List:
This is everything she can NOT have while wearing her braces. 
Let's just say she is NOT HAPPY about it! 

The "No-No" List includes:
Pretzels and Hard Chips
Hard Rolls and Bagels
Ribs, Wings and Bones
Raw Carrots and Celery
Beef Jerky and Slim Jims
Pens and Pencils
Candy Suckers, Sweet Tarts, and Jolly Ranchers
Fruit Roll-Ups, Frozen Candy Bars, Gob Stoppers, Gummy Bears, and NO Gum of any kind

Now you see what all the fuss is about! 

D will have to wear them for about 2 years and will also have to have what they call an expander aka split plate prior to actually getting the braces on.

She will start the process March 11th

 (which is 2 days after her 11th birthday (again not thrilled with mommy at this point) 

We will follow her and her progress and the rainbow of color changes. I will get her input and opinions on Operation Brace Face and how it feels to be the patient. 
I hope you all enjoy this series!
Here is Miss D!