Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breaking up IS Hard to do...

When you are in a relationship you usually become close to the person that you are with. Some of us even begin to love that other person. But when things begin to go "down hill"and you are no longer happy the inevitable break up is lurking around the corner or somewhere down the road, but when you are in your comfort zone and you have begun to love the person the break up that needs to happen can become indescribably difficult.
 No one looks for that emotional roller coaster that is certain to follow a break up. The insecurity, the void in our hearts, the confusion, the emptiness, and how venerable we seem to become, along with all the other millions of emotions that we usually feel post break up.
That is why some stay in situations and relationships that they know they need to get out of. I think that this is all in time before they realize what they are doing and finally let go.
Every relationship is and break up for that matter is VERY different. It is funny how one tiny detail can make such a HUGE difference in a break up and though there is just one situation there is ALWAYS two different stories.
The girl will be full of detail and the tiniest thing matters the most, and with the guys their stories usually are short, sweet, and to the point. They even have two ending results. You don't usually run across break ups that ended in "mutual" agreements between the once lovers. They are in fact RARE! So what are the end results of the non mutual  agreement break ups? One wanted out and the other just had their hearts ripped out of their chest? Or are there other deal breakers?
The question is this...
 Who is the one that is more venerable to the heartbreak? The man or the woman?
I am sure that this all depends on who you ask, but personally I think it is the woman. We tend to have very high expectations, and with our month "bitch" trip, I will admit we are hard to please or even live with for that matter. So when a man gets tired of our "shit" they throw up their hands and run like hell. Who can really blame them though? Even if you are the type of woman who can admit you can be a "bitch", we are still left with these bewildered looks on our faces wondering what the fuck just happened.
It is funny that after a break up there is always someone asking that question, but then again it is all depending on the situation on who is the one that is left standing there asking it.
But what happens when you conscience has gotten a hold of your head and your heart?
Some are scared to call it quits because of the fact that they don't want to be known as the "heart breaker" and they don't want to have to deal with all the guilt that may come with it. So the already hard break up becomes to now seem almost impossible to do, but there is always an "ice breaker" that makes the guilt trip ends and the screams that are in their head and hearts are finally heard. Some times the sanity comes to play and we finally let go and move on with our lives, or for some reason we end up holding on to whatever we can find to keep what little of our relationship that is left even if deep down we know that it is gone from the grips of our hearts and our hands.
They say it is all in time before we let everything go, but when a woman puts their hearts, souls,heads,energy  and their emotions all in the relationship and the man just puts in their hearts, the woman will indeed end up with more heartache than the man would. Which means that a woman would probably take longer to heal post break up, but when an outsider is looking into the relationship they usually don't understand why the two people are still together in the relationship when there is in fact nothing else left between them but routine, An outsider can see the fakeness that surrounds them and their relationship. The fake smiles, laughs, and even their "I love you's" seem to scream fake, and though it is fake the people that are "trapped" in the relationship think that they are fooling their friends and family with their great acting skills. Even though we all know we have been there before at least once we tend to forget....
Breaking up IS hard to do


So i know it has been forever since I have been on here but with all the drama and chaos I havent had much inspiration.... Sorry yall :(
I did run across some old writings I'd like to share so these next few blogs will be of them... I hope you enjoy