Thursday, June 27, 2013

Middle School Ready or not HERE we come!

I know what you are thinking what is wrong with you! Summer just started and I am already trying to prepare for school starting back in August. 
In my defense, 3 kids and ALL girls means this mamma wants to get ahead of the game! ;) not to mention I am still full swing in school, buisness, freelancing, taking care of babes and hubby and home I take many months to plan ANYTHING or so it seems. :/
This year my oldest knocks on a new adventure and is stepping away from being a little girl. We are Middle school bound and she gets a school all to herself this next year. We have already signed up for band this next year and have picked our classes and instrument. We now are waiting on locker pick up days and schedules ready so she can route out her daily course throughout the new school that will host 100s of 6th and 7th graders! I will admit mommy is a lil scared! :/ 
Here is some of her MUST haves to be ready for her newest journey! 


Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

While on our visit to So Cal my grandparents HAD  wanted to take the girls to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
This was one of our childhood favs growing up and to keep the tradition going my grandparents packed us up and took their great grand babies there! 
I must say that this is still one of my favs! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sick Kid Must Haves!

So while on vacation to California with my 3 girls I got to experience dealing with my 6 year old who ended up with a double ear infection! Normally this isn't a HUGE deal but since we were clear across the country there were some monkey wrenches we had to hurtle over. 
First her insurance wouldn't cover her any where there! So that meany hunting down someone who would take her with NO insurance. Not an easy task to begin with no matter if your in your home state...
After two days of 102 fever and numerous phone calls my grandmother and I found out that Wal-greens now offers what they call minute clinics!
For less than $100 you can get in and out and be seen by a nurse practitioner. PLUS you don't have to drive anywhere else to get your meds! 
We were in and out with in the hour! Take that ER! 
Here are some of my must haves for a sick lil one!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Here Comes the Bride.... and Groom Van Gogh Style

At the end of May I was blessed and honored to be able to go see my cousin Vince and his wife to be Mady get hitched in Mesa Arizona. 
After 2 planes with 3 kids we made it to the Phoenix Airport and I felt a little closer to home.
If you did not know I lived in the area for 6 years as a child when my dad was stationed at the local Air force base and my brother was born there....
Back on track...
We were greeted at luggage from my Grandma and Grandpa who had drove 6 hours from Riverside to be there not only for the big day but to get me and the girls from the Airport.
After reaching the hotel we un packed and got settled enough to be there for the rehearsal dinner at Old Chicago. Lets just say it was to DIE for! Such an amazing place with amazing food and an amazing family! 
The next day was the big day as we all joined together to witness the union of these two. 
The theme was Van Gogh inspired and it was BEAUTIFULLY thrown  put together.
My cousin recently came home from serving a tour in Afghanistan and is stationed in Georgia while the future Mrs. was living in Arizona and going to school full time. 
Yes it was a HUGE and an AMAZING accomplishment that we all got to share and experience. 

Mady and Vince, if you do read this I have to say I am so very proud of you both! Mady I will always wonder what is wrong with you   admire you for joining this crazy Nasluchacz clan and welcome you to the family. Vince words will never describe how much pride I have in you and all I can say is job well done! P.S. If you mess this up I will haunt you! :) 
Love you both! 

Here are a few pics of their big day!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Class of 2025: Boo graduates Kindergarten!

Well it is official that my baby girl is no longer a baby! 
This last year we embarked on our first full year of school with her and successfully! We witnessed our "baby" graduate kindergarten and grow a countless amount! I am so excited to continue to watch her grow :)