Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: Seeing Stars

If you know me you know I am a HUGE flip flop lover and its a COLD day in Arkansas when I am not wearing them. 
Since I am also obsessed with ink I found it fitting to add some flair to my foot. :) 

I wanted sonething timeless and fitting and I will utilizing it into a tattoo piece with meaning. It is unfinished as of now until I figure out if this piece will stand for my siblings OR my godbabies. 
This tat is about 5 years old and I still cant decide. :/ I also cant decide if I want to flip the design and do my other foot... hmmm... choices...

This Iink work was done in Headland Alabama and at a shop called Notorious ink. The artist was named Billie and he has done a few tats for our family. This particular time my sister in law also got her foot inked with a similar design. If I remember right also my brother in laws and hubby also got thier ink fix in with new ink that night. The shop is no longer open though but if you are in the area head into Dothan where there are plenty of shops ready to ink you! 

Location of tat: Right foot
Design: Stars
Pain scale: 6!
What can I say I have NO meat there and I could feel this so much more woth my nerves being so close to the skin. I even jumped when they hit a certain spot! 
To me this was the worst pain wise out of of my ink...
Which maybe why I have not been able to decide on the final details! 

Do you have a tattoo you'd love to have featured? Send us an email at jonsigurl@
yahoo.com subject TATTOO! 

Our Weekend Recap

As you all saw on Friday here on the blog we celebrated my middle daughter Lo who turned11. Since we are having a housewarming party this coming up weekend and celebrating my dirty 30 she was kind enough to wait. So I surprised her with cupcakes and my bestie Tracy came by and brought her a small gift to open... it was make up of course ;)

We also have been working on some more house cleaning and yard cleaning not only for the party coming up but to turn our house into our home.

Other than that we didnt really do much but relaxed and enjoyed our "babies"! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Been How Many Years?: A Birthday Tribute

This last week has been a BUSY one for birthdays in our family. The 23rd was my dads, yesterday was my god-daughters/neices and tomorrow is my middle daughters! 

I am not really sure why they all couldn't sync and have birthdays on the same day but God wanted this week to be full of celebrating life and boy let me tell you if we didnt all live in different states we would be FULL of cake and of course aged liquor (you know for dad)...

My "lil" Lo is turning the ripe old age of 11 and it seems to have gone by so very very fast!

Her birth story is one I will never forget (my only all natural no drugs no epidural cane on her own time baby) 
She has grown to be such a sweet, sassy, smart little mamma and I couldn't be prouder!

Lo is the rock out of my three girls. She is the peace keeper, the mamma (or so she thinks) when I am not home and the most helpful thing when I need an extra pair of hands.

She isn't a fighter but a lover and wears her heart on her sleeve.
TOTAL opposite of my other two.

She is my dare devil and my go getter.

She is my mini me (personality wise) 

My world would never be complete with iut this child of mine and thiugh she was unexpected she is SO VERY VERY VERY much needed in this mammals life!

To my sweet Lo,
May your life bring you more joy than you have brought me, may you continue to love with all your heart and NEVER stop dreaming. No matter what life brings your way always know mommy is here. You are so very special to every life that you touch and I could not be prouder to call you my daughter.

Here are some pictures of Lo from the last 11 years! 
Here is to many more!  

Tips and Trick Thursday: Organizing Our Movie Collection

Who doesn't LOVE a good movie?
My family happens to be movie addicts and what can I say we have a few...hundred...
When we moved into the new house I counted almost 15 boxes of them damn things...15! 
I am not sure anymore what our exactly count is but I am sure we are bucking close to 1000 at this stage in our lives.
Why so many you ask?
Well it is simple...
there is nothing better than a movie night with the hubby, or with the kids, or with myself but our favorite is movie night as a family!
We have done it since the kids were little and I think that it is something that not only they LOVE but we do too, plus it is a cheaer fanily night then a trip to the movie theater.
So how do I organize this monstrosity of a movie collection you ask? Well it is actually REALLY simple!

We currently have 4 of these and they are ALL full!
 I used sticky notes to keep the order together. From #s to collection sets of various titles.
Then the fun began on putting all the movies in alphabetical order!

This was the end of the process...

Since I worked as a merchandising for 5 years at a book store I am alot of OCD about alphabetical order with my books and our movies. At first the hubby HATED it and now after some time he actually likes it. 

How do you organize your movie collection? 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: A Sleeve in Progress

Well since my automated programing did not work this week here is a late post:
This is Phase Two of the sleeve I have envisioned for myself.
Since I grew up in So Cal the beach is my favorite place to be... downfall... I live in Arkansas...
NO BEACHES! (Sorry folks I do not count the lakes)
So I thought I would carry the beach with me wherever I go AND I will add pieces that stand tribute for certain things and people.
This particular one does not have a hidden meaning but I love it all the same.
For our 7 year wedding anniversary we went and added on to my sleeve and I was SO excited!
I started this process almost a year ago and I am being PICKY on what to add and where to put it!
Thanks to Anchor Tattoo and Piercing Studio here in Bryant Arkansas not only to I get a CLEAN shop but I always get the best artist in town Chad! I recommend him and the shop to anyone who asks me where I have gotten work done! They are a great shop so if you are in the area and need some ink CHECK them out!
Here is the tat and the stats:
Location: Left forearm
Design: Tribal Turtle
Time: 1-1 1/2 hours
Pain Scale from 1-10: 1 in most areas 2 to more sensitive
Share your ink and it's story with us at jonsigurl@yahoo.com subject Tattoo and have it featured on our blog!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tatted Thursday: Where it ALL began...

As long as I can remember I have always been a interested in tats, the art work, skills, the stories behind them and I TOTALLY wanted one...
From toddler stage to high school I was always drawing on my skin giving myself "ink". Luckily I got a job at 16 and hit my mom up to allow me to go get the real deal! 
After laying out my case (we were told we had to be 18)
I would pay for it
She got to pick it and location
I worked part time and was a straight A student
She didn't have to stay with me just sign the paper

Well I won my case (should had been a lawyer) 
and we were off to the tattoo shop!

This particular tat was done at Gulf Coast Tattoo in Theodore AL.
I dont remember my artist seeing it was done 13 years ago but I was thrilled.
Looks like they are still in buisness too!

Anyways my mom chose my ink, signed the papers and made sure my older sister could come back with me (she was 18 at the time) 
They set it all up and I went back later that night as a double date with my sister and our boyfriends at the time.

My sister also got inked and pierced (wasn't planned or known by mom)

The location chosen was the outside of my left ankle to cover up a shaving scar I had gotten a few years prior. (they tatted next to it leaving the scar in plain sight)
The tat was a fairy (I really like them mystical creatures)
The colors are the same as the flash art displayed within the shop and I was all set!
The tat took less than an hour and I was excited to go home and so my mom her tat (I will add to it when she passes)
The pain scale of the ankle from 1-10 was probably a 2. It was irritating more than hurting and it was all new to me so I had worked myself up I am sure.
My oldest Aunt was in town when we got home so much to my mothers surprise she picked a fairy who was NAKED to be permanently embedded in her 16 year olds skin (epic fail mom) I personally thought it was HILARIOUS (her or my aunt... not so much).

This little flying chick started my addiction 13 years ago. I now have 12(?) tattoos and do have plans for more. I am a ink supporter. I am addicted to ink. I am employeed. I am a mom. 
Ready for more ink stories? Stay tuned we have more to share!

Share you tattoo stories with us! Email us your ink and the story @ jonsigurl@yahoo.com
Subject: Tattoo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome to our NEW Home!!!

As you have all seen with our big announcement post here we have moved into our new home!

We were not planning to move BUT we couldn't pass up on this house. We were in desperate need of something bigger for our growing kiddos since they have not gotten the memo that I would TOTALLY be ok with them staying young :)  As long as I did too of course. 

At the end of last school year we were helping a friend move and she was talking about renting out here old house... we fell in love with its features and the fact it was somewhat of a fixer upper (we have always wanted one) and saw so many possibilities that we worked out details with her to rent it. We will eventually buy the house but we wanted to do a "test drive" before we made it all offical... and added on several thousand dollar debt.

Now what you all have been waiting for the pictures!

The Outside:
extra car port in the back... PROJECT in the making


 Extra storage in the back... PROJECT in the making

Sun Room: PROJECT in the making!

PERFECT spot for our summer pool needs... PROJECT in the making!
Also areas of interest not photographed is our storm shelter, the front double car port and our laundry room that is all outside if the home...
The Kitchen:


The Living Room:
The Dining Room:
Oldest Daughter's Room:
Middle Daughter's Room
Youngest Daughter's Room:
Master Bedroom:

There are so many projects to do!!!!
I hope you all will follow our journey!
We have started two project one indoor( Think colorful) and one outdoor (think demo)  that you maybe interested in seeing so be sure to follow our blog!
Next time you see the house you will see what the place looks like with all of our crap stuff in it, how we laid things out and I will also share with you some of the houses secret treasures that I am IN LOVE with!
Will you join me in my treasure hunt?





Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Series for Tuesdays and Thursdays!

You thought I forgot didnt you?

As promised we will be starting a new series on the blog. This is definitely one that is more of the artistic nature and giving props to all our "rebels" out there...

The series will run on Tuesday or Thursday or BOTH depending on your response on getting involved. Our Tips and Tricks will still run on them so if that is a series you LOVE no need to worry it is NOT going ANYWHERE! 

So... the new series shall be all about INK, TATTOOS, the AMAZING artist that fo them, thier shops, peoples opinions and MORE! 

To start off the series you will get an up close and personal in depth look at my personal ink where I will share the tat, location the story behind it where I was and more!

Why tattoos you my ask?

Why not? 

INK and all its glory is very much apart of myself and my little family. The hubby is also a fan of the gun and art and you will get to see his and learn more  about his also...

How can you get involved?

Send us a picture of your ink!
Tell us about it, why you got it, where you got it, your artist and more! 
Your tat will be featured on the blog!

If you are an artist send us your work! Tell us where you are located and a little about yourself. 

Own a shop? TELL US!

I hope you all enjoy this series and I look forward to seeing all your amazing work!

Be on the look out for my first tat that started it all for me!!

Email me at jonsigurl@yahoo.com SUBJECT: FEATURE MY TAT! 

So what are you waiting for?

Friday, September 12, 2014


Over the summer I have been hinting that we were working on a BIG summer project for us!
If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram you got sneak peaks of images of things that we were working on...
The project took longer than expected and there will be LOTS and LOTS of projects with in this project but we are excited and are looking forward to it for the most part.
After almost 3 years here in Arkansas we have up-ed and MOVED!
We were really feeling the pressure of lack of space with three growing girls and we had toyed with the idea of packing our things and moving on to bigger pastures but we knew that moving was a pain in the ass and we did NOT want moving to become a habit for us here.
We got lucky and found a place that gave us the option of renting but later the option to buy and everything was open game to the house. We are able to make repairs, add-on's and even PAINT to make this home our own.
We opted to rent for 2 years before we took the plunge in buying but if God willing this move will be our LAST!
I will share pictures of our new home soon here on the blog, we have already started some minor projects and we are still unpacking our lives into our new home (perks of me be a night owl and the hubby being a day tripper)
Our first home here was 3 bedroom 1 bath and according to online it was only a little over 900 sq ft
Pack three kids and a life time of stuff and you can easily see where we were out growing  our lil home FAST!
We were sad to leave our house on Adrian because we left behind our "family" there thankfully we are only 4 minutes away and I still have a weekly wine night with the bestie!
The new place features:
1616 sq ft. (according to online research)
3 bedrooms/ 1bath
living room
dining room
den (which we have converted to the master suite)
storm shelter
2-2 car ports (one in front and one in back)
a storage building
a laundry room
a fire place
a fenced in yard!
It is easy to see why we were easily sold...
We also had to swap the younger two girls to a different school but they are adjusting well and I am happy to report we are walking distance and I am happy that they can experience that joy.
My youngest has already claimed a snow ball fight on the way home one day...
The house is in for some major face-lifting and I will be sharing those with you all as they are completed.
To my Adrian family: Thank you for the amazing love you have given us there. You will always have a place in our hearts and I am so thankful for you all!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

Well it has been almost a month since I have had the chance to blog!
Can you believe it?!
I am so sad that I have not been here and I sure have missed it!
So here is what has been happening in a nut shell...
I have become the NIGHT OWL
I started my new job overnights and though I LOVE my job this overnight night schedule is harder than I thought! Granted it could be that I have not done this schedule in 10 years but this transition is not going as smooth as I had hoped. I know that it will take time and we will get used to it but it will take time.
We are READY to Announce our BIG NEWS
Things have lined up and we are now ready to announce our BIG news!
We have been hiding some HUGE news from you all and we will be announcing it Friday!
This big news announcement will lead up to more blog series AND fill you all in on MORE things we have been doing!
Stay tuned guys I will be back on a regular bases with all the details to share on what's been happening, things we are working towards, tips and tricks will go back into full swing.. AND a new series for all you ink lovers!
What are you excited to hear about? Tell us!