Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: Seeing Stars

If you know me you know I am a HUGE flip flop lover and its a COLD day in Arkansas when I am not wearing them. 
Since I am also obsessed with ink I found it fitting to add some flair to my foot. :) 

I wanted sonething timeless and fitting and I will utilizing it into a tattoo piece with meaning. It is unfinished as of now until I figure out if this piece will stand for my siblings OR my godbabies. 
This tat is about 5 years old and I still cant decide. :/ I also cant decide if I want to flip the design and do my other foot... hmmm... choices...

This Iink work was done in Headland Alabama and at a shop called Notorious ink. The artist was named Billie and he has done a few tats for our family. This particular time my sister in law also got her foot inked with a similar design. If I remember right also my brother in laws and hubby also got thier ink fix in with new ink that night. The shop is no longer open though but if you are in the area head into Dothan where there are plenty of shops ready to ink you! 

Location of tat: Right foot
Design: Stars
Pain scale: 6!
What can I say I have NO meat there and I could feel this so much more woth my nerves being so close to the skin. I even jumped when they hit a certain spot! 
To me this was the worst pain wise out of of my ink...
Which maybe why I have not been able to decide on the final details! 

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