Thursday, November 11, 2010

I will not eat paper!

Yesterday while I was at work I received a call from my oldest daughters teacher. She told me it wasn't an emergency but she was very concerned about Koda. According to her Koda was not being herself, and in fact was being defiant and eating paper and erasers. Yes eating paper and erasers. Her teacher informed me that she was going to put Koda on the phone so I could try to figure out her problem, if Koda didn't straighten up she was going to be sent to the office and be paddled. So I talked to Koda a few times with the cell phone reception being bad in the school we lost each other a few times. After loosing her the second time I thought about the fact that Koda may have forgot to take her ADHD medicine. So I called the school bad to inform the office so they could let her teacher know.
With my work schedule I am unable to be home when they get there so I texted my mother in law and asked her to have Koda write sentences as a punishment. She was too write 3 pages, each page saying something different. Page 1: I will not be disobedient, page 2: I will not eat erasers, page 3: I will not eat paper. All in cursive and all legible. In the past this was the worst punishment I could do to her, she hates writing sentences and it usually got my point across. 39 sentences and 3 hours later, she came to show me her pages... I will not be disobedient, and I will not eat erasers we done top notch. Then came the paper I will not eat paper..... The writing was good, it was done correctly, but what was at the bottom of the page?
I perfect Koda size bite out of the bottom of the page!!!!! Yes she ate the paper!!!!!! And then preceded to LIE when I asked her what happened to her paper and why it was wet....
I know I have some blonde moments and I will usually let the kids slide on the small stuff but we don't tolerate lying, and I KNEW what happened to her paper. It was plain as day! She kept lying about it and finally gave up and told me what she did.
With the crazy work week that I have had, I called my hubby, the poor man, and asked him what to do with her. She doesn't listen to me and she ALWAYS has to have the last word. When my husband got home he talked to her about this and though we didn't really get any where with her I think he finally got the point across.
But seriously why eat paper????
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