Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boo; my lil toothless wonder

As a parent you get many ups and downs, and many surprises along the road of parenthood, all parents have experienced this in one way or another.
With being a parent of 3 little girls there isn't much anymore that surprises me really, with my oldest I have experienced pierced lip with her own teeth, and my poor middle one has been through the ringer with the busted eye, rocks in her ear, and more, then there is my lil Boo.... She's a true Jones, all tom boy so the injuries, bump, bruises, scratches, black eyes, and bloody noses have been endless. She is the only child I know that can fall on her butt and get a bloody nose... THIS is a true JONES! Yesterday was no exception to the rule....
When Boo was little she had to have 3 of her front teeth capped. All seemed fine and she has had them for almost 2 years. They looked like her natural teeth, and though these were only temporary til she turned 6 and got her adult teeth you wouldn't have known the difference without being told they were indeed not her "real" teeth.
Things has gone well with her "fake" teeth. We were informed that they were just cosmetic and not intended to hold up like our natural teeth, but after everything this girl had done they seemed to be just fine. That is until last week...
We went in on the 23rd for the girls usual 6 month cleaning at their local dentist... The oldest 2 were in and out in no time and came out with a NO cavity report... Which is typical for them but as a mom you are still very proud.
About 10 minutes later they call me to the back stating Boo was done with her cleaning. They take me back to one of their conference rooms to discuss in private anything that you need to know.... And on that day I had 2 need to knows... #1 Boo has another cavity, just a small one they said. No biggie I thought, signed the paperwork and was ready to make the apt to get the cavity filled. But then came #2 need to know.....
" Mrs. Jones" the hygienist said " Boo's front teeth were capped a while back." (DUH! I think to myself) " After her cleaning we took and xray of the 3 teeth. Let me show you." As she places this little xray on the light board in the room I can see automatically where she is getting at..... " As you can see on these 2 to your right they have the roots from her original teeth attached, this 3rd tooth no longer has roots." In my mind I start to freak out! Not being a complete idiot I know what's going to come next. " You see," she continues, " Her cap is not being held on by anything but her gums, there for she will loose this tooth sooner then the age of 6, all it will take is a good hit in her mouth and that will it for the tooth.". I asked what causes damage to a root that can make it just disappear, I didn't think roots could just check out like that. I thought roots were anchors for are teeth and not something that could say " Well I am done hanging out, think I'm just gonna disappear without a warning! Ha that would be funny!". Come to find out the root was hit and it caused enough damage to make it deteriorate. The hygienist told me. " When she looses this tooth there will be no way to place another fake one in its place due to the fact that there is nothing there, but this is perfectly normal,she will just be a snaggle tooth for a little while longer.". Normal?? Right......
When we left the dentist, I called my husband like I always do to give him the dental report card, I explained to him the mystery of the missing root and the future lil miss Boo loosing her front tooth. He was so calm about it and knew I was upset but was able to comfort me with it..... Got to love good husbands.
Things went well til yesterday, I spent all day at the Doctors office for myself and wasn't feeling well at all, and right when I got home it happened....
Boo hit her mouth and said her tooth hurt! I checked it and it was indeed loose!!!! GREAT! Just fan-fucking-tastic! I immediately called the dentist to see what they thought I needed to do.... Again I had 2 options, take her in and let them numb and cocoon her to pull the tooth or we pull it out ourselves. I picked the latter of the 2 seeing that the cocoon is traumatizing. So I sat boo down and explained it too her, and told her options. She also picked the latter of the two. ( Great minds think alike)
As I went to go get dinner I got a text stating Boo was in fact now my lil toothless wonder!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Good reddens September.... Hello October!

What and eventful month! I am super glad that we are just a little over a week away til the end of September. Even though we still have some exciting things coming this month. My dad Mr. C is turning 47 on the 23rd, Kare Bear my niece will be 2 on the 25th and My daughter Lo will be 7 on the 27th! Man the thoughts of getting old!!!!
N e ways let's re cap the hellish month of September!!!

In the first part of the month things seemed to be all as well in the Jones household.......
Little did we know things would get shaken up!
My poor hubby didn't get much work this month so to save $ we moved in with my mother in law Lessee and her kids, Booty 12 and Greggy 16.
We decided to move to Arkansas to stay close to my mother in her divorce with my step dad.
Well after loosing our home, selling my hubby's rims we figured what else could go wrong...
I meet my maybe daddy Mr R for the first time, which was great I guess until the Arlington High School drama resurfaced after 25 years, and the current soon to be x daddy Mr. M showed his ass with it all.
I feel like we were time warped to the 80's with this mess and I ended up with the shit end of the deal.
N e ways, my Mom Nan was to go to Arkansas with us in Feb, now she is going to go to Missouri at the end of the month....
I am very mixed emotioned with the matter but ultimately understand.
Ever since the " Baby Daddy Drama" I have been re evaluating our decision on where to move, don't get me wrong we are still going some where. I have thought and will look into the Army and Air Force this week though I don't think I can get in, and now thanks to my godfather Mr T, my hubby has a GREAT job offer in Arkansas that will take us to a mutual ground.
I am not for sure yet what we are going to do but I know we won't be staying in Alabama. Not because I don't love the family we have here but because its time to worry about ourselves and not the rest of the drama!
I am hoping that October brings us lots of luck! October is by far my favorite month with the fall season at full bloom, and the cool crisp air ( not like we get that here in the south). We have LOTS of birthdays this month, Halloween, carving pumpkins, Harvest Day at the town square, a 5 mile walk for breast cancer awareness, and my BFF Mimi comes out to visit! All I have to say with that note is......
F you September and HELLOOOOO October!!!!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walking out

I never thought I would have to say this........
I never thought this would become realistic............
I never asked for this fate.........
I never would have thought this was possible.........
But I guess I was WRONG!

I am 25 years old, and when I was 14 I was told that my dad may in fact may not be MY dad.

Come to find out there was an affair in the mix and I was #1 an oops baby, and #2 the question of who my dad really was, was in fact unknown. There was only one other person that had slept with my mother at the time. We shall call him Mr. R. Mr. R had been a High School friend of my mom, and my so called dad who we will call Mr. C.
I am not too sure how the story goes but something lead to another and Mr R and my mom slept together and shortly some time after my mom and Mr C slept together then of course she got knocked up and I was the product of the confusion.
From what I gather in the mess is that I was to be raised as Mr. C's child and was to never know the truth of what had happened. I was raised with a brother and a sister who were both in fact Mr. C's children. They look alike and everything, both being brown hair brown eyed kids, then there was me, stuck in the middle with my blonde hair, and hazel eyes..... Ummmmm
As the curious creature that I am I asked questions from the time I was old enough to realize it. I was never treated different and I know that was for my benefit. I was fine with the arrangements that were made but when I was told the truth and the possibilities I wanted and thought I deserved the truth.
I was asked at 14 not to say anything and or look into finding the truth, so as a minor child I didn't and I was ok with that.
I was comfortable with my ignorance, knowing I was loved by a man who didn't have to raise or love me was more than enough for me!
It wasn't until I was about 16 or 17 that I started to want the truth again. I was pregnant with my first child and Mr. C and I were having "Father, Daughter" problems with the whole being a mommy thing. I searched online trying to find out info on the other man, Mr R, and when I ran across some info on, I wanted to leave well enough alone. The fact was Mr R didn't know about me, or even the fact that my mother had gotten pregnant, so when I saw that he was in fact married and had 2 children of his own I could break up a family or cause problems without knowing the full truth that only a DNA could give me.
Not wanting to ask Mr C for a DNA I knew it was better to leave things alone.
What was it hurting......
Who would it hurt.......
Why would it matter???????
It was my choice...... Right?????
Apparently I was WRONG!

7 years later I was proven just how WRONG I was!

About 2 to 3 months ago I was at my apartment cleaning house on my very typical off day...... So I thought.....
I got a phone call from my mother who told me she found Mr R on Facebook......
I thought nothing of it at first and said cool, I am glad to hear that........
The next thing out of her mouth was not what I wanted to hear....." I told him about you"

So let's re cap, at 18 I chose to leave it alone, at age 25 MY MOTHER chose to change MY life forever!

I was very upset with the fact that this choice that affected my, my husband's, and my children's was not made by myself or even as a family decision, but was made up by ONE person alone!

I begged my mother to tell Mr. C what she did, I didn't want him to find out through Facebook or anyone else what had went down. I figured he had the right to know that his request was broke.

After a week of fighting with her she told Mr C and I received a text message stating that I was his daughter and nothing would change between us........

So I replied to Mr R's email.

I remind you I am a curious creature and after learning that my oldest 2 daughters had 2 family members on their biological fathers side diagnosed with 2 very different and both very deadly cancers, I figure I needed to find out the truth on my DNA for the sake of my health and my children's health.

Well things progressed and the next thing I know Mr R scheduled a visit to the south.

The visit was good, and a lil weird at the same time. Things seemed to have gone ok until the last couple of nights before he left......
One night I got a text from Mr. C stating that I didn't have a choice but to STAY away from Mr R......
I was furious just to the simple fact that I was 25 and had a brain of my own! Along with other reasons!

After an hour or 2 of fighting via text, I thought things were settled and that Mr C understood that nothing would change the fact that he was DAD.

Another fact I was wrong on, a few nights later I received a text message stating to return his cell phones, he wouldn't answer my texts, calls, or emails, I received an email on Facebook stating I was disowned and was not to contact the family, I had lost my Dad!

I do not regret meeting Mr R, but I haven't grasped the fact that Mr. C has walked out of my life.....
To my dad I will always love u not matter what, I was raised to be strong and to make my own choices... I am sorry you don't agree but my love will never die

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

So the drama continues......
Not only are we moving in 6 months, and moved in with my mother in law, but there is divorce in the air!
My mom aka Nan is divorcing after 16 years with her ol' man, and now my sister in law aka Doodle was asked for a divorce after only 10 months of marriage.
Divorce is a funny thing.
There isn't an age limit, it can come at any point in a marriage, and no matter the results there's always a broken heart left behind.
Today was adventurous though.....
Leesse got a call from Doodle asking to talk to me. When I got on the phone she was all choked up with tears... She begged me to come get her and her stuff. So I took off....
I got her, and headed to her apartment to get her stuff.
As we pull in to the apartment complex, we see her soon to be ex pulling out of the parking lot.
We got in and started to pack her belongings and then we hear a knock at the door. Not wanting problems or drama we opted not to answer the door.
The door bell rang.....
A knock at the door.....
DING DONG... The door bell
Followed by another knock.
Finally a woman hollers for Doodle to let her in.
The woman was the soon to be ex's mom. She begged for Doodle to let her in that she wasn't there to start shit. We let her in, she was nice for a few minutes.
Then the ex showed up........
They started talking shit, about what Doodle could and couldn't take.... We just wanted her personal effects nothing more nothing less.
Leesee called the cops to have them come out to keep the peace.
The next thing we know there's the door bell again.... DING DONG......
Our cop showed up, he got the 411 on what was going on he came and talked to us and asked us to hurry so we could all get home.
DING DONG.......
Another person at the door?
We were blessed with another cop, this time it was called on the ex's behalf.
I had to go smoke at this point!!!!
As I walk outside my sister in law and our policeman Henny pulled up. So now we have 3 cops, and 6 people in a one bedroom apartment. All the while we are trying to pack up and get out of there......
After some time and an emotional break down we had a truck and a car full we were free!
Everything is out and we get one more in the crazy farm....
Here's the stats:
Both Moms, 3 in laws, 3 kids, me and my baby, 2 puppies, 1 kitten, 1 mouse, and a snake....... And 3 kids every night.
I have came to an important conclusion though! Divorce is in the air and guess what????!!!!!!
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