Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The end of the school year means so many things to keep us busy, the last 9 weeks really fly by!
This last week the youngest two brought home yearbooks!
I find it important to buy them one each year.
Over the years and many moves later I no longer have mine and I wish I did.
All of the girls get them and have them signed. Once Summer is in full swing I pack them up into their keepsakes to hold on too when they move out on their own.
Its a treasure box in the making and I LOVE doing it for them.
I was excited to see that my middle daughter FINALLY knows what it is for and has been getting her friends to sign it this year, the youngest has NO interest in the fact of people writing in HER book (she thinks that is her job...goof)
As for my oldest who is in 6th grade is not a fan of people writing in hers either...
She would rather it not be violated, or messed up in any way shape or form!
Mine on the other hand had a signature on EVERY PAGE!
They must get this weird habit from their dad's...
We still have so much to do this school year as they all take final field trips, band concerts, field days and more!
I am excited for summer as I know they are!
Are you pro yearbook?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

While We Were Out: Weekend Recap

Aww the weekend came to a close yet again too soon for us.
We love our family time on the weekends and they always seem to fly by.
This last weekend we really got a lot accomplished around the house as we are getting ready for a neighborhood yard sale
(that is for what will be left after donations to the tornado victims)
The office was re done (3 kids is hard to keep anything done)
I still have the dresser and closet to go through and re organize since apparently my 7 year old is eating miracle grow behind my back :/
We got our shed/laundry room gone thorough and you'll be happy to know I got rid of one whole tote of Christmas D├ęcor! (If you know me you know this is a HUGE deal)
After the Saturday morning of work we let the kids play in some water since it was an unseasonably 90 degrees out. Since we have not bought the pool yet for this summer we reverted back vintage style with a tote full of water and two cups as ammo for them to splash one another...
It's the little things :)
I did not get pictures of this since I thought it safer to leave my phones and camera in house since they decided they wanted to soak me also. :)
After the Hubby started a mud fight!
I swear some days he is worst then the kids combined.
Overall though they had an amazing time and they did not fight at all (which is another small miracle)
My sister came in from out of town to take a break from college (why she chose my house is very questionable lol)
Saturday night we enjoyed the warm weather with drinks all around and a bonfire as we mentally relaxed from the past week and braced the week ahead.
Sunday was more relaxation as we prepared fro storms to hit us.
At 7 pm Sunday night our tornado sirens cried out to us, warning us with how bad the storm had really gotten. The kids were in their safe place and we watched the weather as we witnessed a tornado tear across our state.
I wrote about this on the blog yesterday please check it out.
The road to recovery will be long and emotional. I ask that if you can not give to the victims to please pray for them.
Many people lost everything, many lost loved ones and the rest of us will never be the same.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Twister in the Night

Last night a tornado swept through the state of Arkansas.
Here is the time line I found on KARK 4's website.

Faulkner, Pulaski counties hardest hit.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Tornadoes were reported Sunday night in at least five Arkansas counties.

Faulkner and Pulaski counties were hardest hit, especially the towns of Mayflower and Vilonia.

Storm reports from the National Weather Service in Little Rock (complete as of 11:45 p.m. Sunday):

0924 PM     TORNADO          3 W CAMPBELL STATION    35.67N 91.31W
04/27/2014                   JACKSON            AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0910 PM     TORNADO          JACKSONPORT             35.64N 91.31W
04/27/2014                   JACKSON            AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0905 PM     TORNADO          MACKS                   35.62N 91.37W
04/27/2014                   JACKSON            AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0850 PM     TORNADO          DENMARK                 35.48N 91.58W
04/27/2014                   WHITE              AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0850 PM     TORNADO          PLEASANT PLAINS         35.55N 91.63W
04/27/2014                   INDEPENDENCE       AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0835 PM     TORNADO          STEPROCK                35.43N 91.69W
04/27/2014                   WHITE              AR   CO-OP OBSERVER

0820 PM     TORNADO          6 W SEARCY              35.24N 91.84W
04/27/2014                   WHITE              AR   TRAINED SPOTTER

0801 PM     TORNADO          1 N EL PASO             35.13N 92.08W
04/27/2014                   WHITE              AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0750 PM     TORNADO          VILONIA                 35.08N 92.21W
04/27/2014                   FAULKNER           AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0750 PM     TORNADO          VILONIA                 35.08N 92.21W
04/27/2014                   FAULKNER           AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0742 PM     TORNADO          2 E MAYFLOWER           34.97N 92.38W
04/27/2014                   FAULKNER           AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0739 PM     TORNADO          SALTILLO                35.03N 92.33W
04/27/2014                   FAULKNER           AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT

0734 PM     TORNADO          1 SE MAYFLOWER          34.96N 92.41W
04/27/2014                   FAULKNER           AR   TRAINED SPOTTER

0725 PM     TORNADO          ROLAND                  34.90N 92.50W
04/27/2014                   PULASKI            AR   AMATEUR RADIO

0640 PM     FUNNEL CLOUD     2 S WALDRON             34.87N 94.09W
04/27/2014                   SCOTT              AR   LAW ENFORCEMENT
At 7:00pm our local sirens went off as it was at the Saline County border next to Pulaski.
Though we were not personally effected in any way our neighbors were not as lucky...


As of this morning this is the facts that we do know thanks to THV11:
  • At least 11 people were killed
  • The tornado was first tracked about 7:30 p.m. over Lake Maumelle
  • The same cell is believed to have produced the tornado from Lake Maumelle to Greene County
  • The tornado lasted from 7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m., spanning about 150 miles
  • At one point, it was moving 55 miles per hour
  • The hardest hit areas are Mayflower and Vilonia, both in Faulkner County
  • National Weather Service is expected to determine its ranking Monday
    How you can help:
    Many people lost everything, their homes, their personal effects including clothing, housewares etc. Schools were lost, churches, business and lives.
    Arkansas has set up a relief fund for these victims.
    If you would like to give please do so, every little bit will help even if it is a dollar it will go further than you could ever image.
    Along with the American Red Cross, we are activating the Channel 7 Spirit of Arkansas Tornado Relief Drive. Click the link below to give by credit card, or call 1-800-RED-CROSS. In addition, we will have a telethon all day long on KATV Wednesday . Please give to help with the immediate needs of tornado victims! Thank you.
    Prayers are needed for these people, thank you....

    Thursday, April 24, 2014

    Operation Brace Face: Phase 9

    We were back at the orthodontist this morning with the hope of moving forward in the process to a happy new smile, but we are STILL playing the waiting game on her two upper K9 teeth to come in.
    Today was a quick and easy color change from green to a royal blue.
    She is SO over pictures lol
    The doctor wants to give the teeth another 8 weeks to try and allow them to come in one their own but he says if these bad boys don't hurry we will be referred to an oral surgeon to help coax them along.
    If we are oral surgeon bound they will form "windows" to expose the teeth so they can bracket them and pull them down into place...
    I am hoping her teeth decide to take the easy road...
    Guess we shall see in 8 weeks..

    Wednesday, April 23, 2014

    5 Gifts for Mom

    Mother's day is a short 2 and a half weeks away.
    So I thought it would be fun to gather up some gifts for mom
     (aka things I'd like to receive for this special day.)
    1. Keriug Coffee Maker
    Though I have a coffee pot now this is something I have been wanting for some time. I am the only coffee drinker in the house and my current coffee pot takes up HUGE amounts of counter space to where I have basically stuck it under the counter and forget about it. I find it pointless some mornings to drag it out to get my fix and it is sometimes easier to hit a drive thru after dropping the kiddies off at school, Though it is easier it is also more costly and needless to say ummm lazier...
    You can purchase yours on amazon or at any retailer.
    2. Bamboo Tablet
    Another thing that I am totally drooling over is a Bamboo Tablet. Mainly because I think that this would make my life SO much simpler when it comes to work.
    You can find several versions here, though I am really just wanting an inexpensive one to start with to see if all my inner hype about it will really pay off.
    3. Down Comforter
    I love my sleep and with all this talk of redoing rooms I have convinced the hubby to get another down comforter. Down fall...We have a king sized bed and they are hard to find locally and I am not a HUGE online shopper (maybe I should start) I like to see and feel things before I purchase them and this is not exception. We decided to go back with this bedding because it is classic and so easy to swap over accent colors when we get the wild hair up our bum again :)
    You can find one here
    4: iHome
    A few weeks ago I joined the iPhone craze finally and so far am loving it. I am a huge music person and can listen to it all day long, needless to say we all know that music stations like Pandora, slacker, I Heart Radio etc will suck the life out of your phone faster than you can say iphone... With that said I have been search for an iHome to call my own...
    I like this one because it is well pink, I can charge at the same time and it is small and did I mention CHEAP. Find your own here.
    5: Ink

    This is totally not for everyone one but it is for me. I love my ink work and since I am currently working on a sleeve this is something that I can really use and hey it is a forever gift... :)
    The images above are of my actual pieces.
    If you are a mother what is your wish list containing?

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

    Sceduling Summer

    Summer never fails to be an exciting season for us here.
    With the girls getting older it is not hard to imagine we are usually running around with out heads in our hands wondering which direction is which.
    I was going over the summer plans this last weekend and this summer is no different...
    Check it out:
    June 4th is officially the last day of school since we had to make up a weeks worth of snow days we get a week later in school doors...
    the girls are not thrilled about this and after seeing this summer's schedule neither is this mamma.

    That weekend we plan to have the neighborhood yard sale that we are kinda making a tradition around here. :)

    The week after is Church Camp for the girlies where they will spend the whole week away from home... (I am confused on when the girls became old enough to do this) I am sure I will be lost since I have never experienced this as a mom (pray for me?)

    The week after that D is off to band camp for a week by herself on a college campus (reminding myself to breathe)

    Once she gets home we will have a week or so worth of relaxation (maybe depending on their biological dad)
    Then we get the party started with my dad flying in for the 4th of July for a long weekend so he can spend time with my godfather and his BFF that he has not seen in over 20 years. I am VERY excited about this weekend!

    If all goes to plan we have about 2 weeks of home time then me and the kiddie (or kiddies depending on who is home and who is not) will be headed to Bama.
    We are hosting a cousin reunion there this year the first one ever and I will be working on some photo sessions while there also.

    Once we get home we will have another week or two stretch before we are possibly beach bound!
    I LOVE this trip and though it got skipped last year we are ever more excited about spending a week in the sun, on the beach, in the sand, with a cold drink in our hand...

    Is it summer yet?
    What are your big plans this summer?

    Monday, April 21, 2014

    Happy Easter: A Weekend Recap

    A 3 day weekend always means lots of fun and usually work to do in our house.
    Friday with the kids out of school I was torn between being responsible and playing hookie and dedicating the whole day to the girlies.
    I ended up doing half and half,
    Friday morning we slept in then watched movies. I also did laundry, started cleaning (including spring cleaning out etc.) the office and did some much needed homework and worked on some biz stuff.
    I treated the girls to their favorite frozen yogurt shop for lunch (because I can be a cool mom).
    The hubby got off earlier than expected so we decided to hang out with him and do our favorite window shopping around town.
    While we were out he treated us to dinner at Smokey Joe's and I tried their turkey combo for the first time. I was in heaven and probably could have ate another whole plate but decided against it in the end. :)
    Friday night we had a fire and I got to use my new blender to make some pina colda's and strawberry daiquiris (virgin style for the kids). We really enjoy just being able to get out side and enjoy the fresh air and a few drinks as we laugh and talk about life. Our neighbor Tracy and her friend and his little girl came and joined us for a short while.
    Saturday it was errand day which meant running around the majority of the day. We are really blessed with some amazing weather this last weekend so we decided we would  stop by the zoo and take advantage of the annual passes.
    We of course had to have our traditional cotton candy for the kids and funnel cake for us while we were there.
    Easter morning the girls were up and got to see the treats the Bunny left.
    Bubbles, cookies, a chocolate bunny, nail polish, and ring pops these girls were happy!

    Then it was off to church while me and the hubby got to spend some  1 on 1 time (a rare occasion for us) before we got things ready for our Misfits Easter (its what we decided to call our Easter this year)
    After the went to Granny's (Our neighbors Grandma who lives at the end of the block) and had a partial lunch (knowing I was cooking too) and had an Easter egg hunt with them (thank you all for having them they loved it!)
    We got together with Tracy (yes she basically lives here LOL) and had a mini potluck for Easter dinner.
    We had grilled pork chops (thanks babe), deviled eggs, yellow rice, mac and cheese, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, carrots, cupcakes, cheesecake and most importantly wine:)
    Since they all got bubbles from the Bunny they spent the afternoon playing in the yard with them and the hubby eventually turned the water hose on them...
    They are easily entertained and LOVED every second of it.
    That evening we rested and got ready to start our new week!
    We are blessed to have such amazing people in our neighborhood.
    Thank you all for making our holidays special.

    Friday, April 18, 2014

    Perks of Being a SAHM

    If you would have told me 15 years ago that before I was 30 I would become a SAHM (stay at home mom) I would have laughed in your face and told you how it was "going" to work.
    2 weeks after my 16th birthday I showed up at home asking my mom what we had planned the upcoming Saturday and when she told me "nothing" I simply said "Good, I need you to take me to work." I went and filled out and application and got a job on my own with out her knowledge I was even looking for one.
    Since that time (minus a few unemployment stretched during 2 pregnancies) I have worked full time in the wonderful world of food industry and retail. Spending a combined 10 years with two major retailers known as Wal-Mart and Books A Million.
    I LOVED working out side the home though I did miss out on very important milestones with my kids.
    Examples: My middle daughters first steps... the carving of my youngest first pumpkin... my oldest going potty the first time on her own...
    These things were sacrificed so I could provide for them.
    I was a single mom for about 2 years with the older two going to school and working full time.
    I missed my girls, they are what drove me (and continue to do so), but I knew it was something I had to do.
    When the opportunity arose to become a SAHM I was honestly scared to jump in.
    I never understood how or why my mother chose this option when we were kids, I think thought that being a SAHM is one of the hardest, ungrateful, crappiest paid jobs ever!   
    After 2 years of doing the SAHM thing I can say that it is still one of the hardest jobs ever, it can be ungrateful but the pay is priceless...
    Here are some perks:
    1: You have the opportunity to go to school events:
    Last school year I had one graduate Kindergarten and on graduate 5th grade and received the Presidential Award. I was able to be there with no doubt or worry about what my work schedule would produce for that day and I am so very glad that I was there to be support them in their milestones... Even these little ones (though I am not sure how receiving the Presidential Award is a "little" thing)

    I get to show up to all the musical performances they have from Band to Music Class musicals..
    2: Spending more time:
    I get to spend all of their school breaks with them and plan special things for us to do from treats to the yogurt shop, the zoo, pajama days, movie days, library days and more.

    3:  Travel:
    Since we only have one schedule to really work around when it comes to a job it is easier for us to travel. We have been able to make a few needed trips and some few fun trips since I have been home to prepare for these. Another huge thanks to my grandma for making some of these happen.
    We have been back to Alabama once, Oklahoma twice ( one for my dad surgery one for his 50th, the hubby got to go for one of those), A few trips to northern Arkansas to see family. A trip to Arizona for a wedding then a skip to California for a week, a much needed trip with my godfather to the beach.

    4: Extra Circulars:
    When the two of us worked it was SO hard making sure the kids got every where. With me at home I am able to get them signed up for things like swimming, and band, and not worry about conflicts and if one of us will be home in time
    5: School
    Not only do I get the chance to help them with their homework but I was finally able to continue my own schooling and better myself. 2 months after we moved here I signed up for online college to pursue my dream in photography. Needless to say the Hubby was shocked when I told him that night he got home ( ok so there maybe a trend), also the hubby is able to also continue his schooling in his new field of work.
    6: Down with the Sickness:
    Yes I know this is a weird perk but once you are a working mom and you have to worry about leaving work early, calling in, making arrangements last minute for a sick kid this is one of my favs.
    I am able to schedule appointments pretty much whenever works best for them and their school and not have to worry about it interfering with 1000 other things. Yesterday fro example I was able to take my youngest in to the dentist to have some work done and then I was able to watch her (she had to be under close supervision for several hours while she cam off meds) with out major guilt.
    The only one I had to convince that it was ok I got NOTHING done was myself... (which some days maybe worst than a boos)
    It is great when the school nurse calls you about your kids and you can actually answer the phone, you can drop what your doing to go get them, you can rush them to the dr if needed and your only concern is them...
     Today the girls are home for Good Friday and I am going to head into the big city with them for a little surprise. I am excited for it to just be us four but hoping the hubby can make a surprise appearance. :)
    Hope you all have an amazing Easter weekend and we will see you Monday!

    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    My Current Obsessions

    Now I know what you are thinking this woman is nuts! Too many obsessions in her life, I am telling you ;) Well what can I say there are something's that we just tend to love once we have tried them and here are some more for you. :)
    (All images are found via Bing)
    1: Sonic's Morning Happy Hour!
    Yes my friends this is a mom's best friend. After taking the kids to school in the mornings I stop and spend a buck on myself (shame on me)
    I LOVE the fact that I can grab myself a small treat each day as a motivation to get home and blog about it get my day going with homework, housework and biz stuff, and at less than a dollar you really can't beat it! (SO much better than a $5 coffee at Hasting's)
    2: 2048 game app
    When my sister came down from college for my daughters and hubby's bday I noticed her playing this game and I thought she was NUTS! Well I just HAD to try it and downloaded it on to my phone for the little moments I have a free time and time to kill or just to relax the brain on a break...
    Needless to say I am ADDICTED (damn you Shi!)
    My high score is over 6700 and I have been on the personal quest on beating it... ugh

    3: Black and Decker Blender
    If you read the post from earlier you know how excited I am about this thing!
    I have made milkshakes already and am excited to find more recipes for it and I am excited that I will be able to easily make my homemade truffles with this! YAY for small appliances :)

    4: Wholly Guacamole Mini's
    I LOVE guacamole, I dunno if it is a Southern Cal thing or what but I really do LOVE it. I am the only one in my house who eats it (because the rest are WEIRD) so to make or buy a whole bunch is wasteful and depressing. I ran across this in our local produce department a while back and they are just perfect! I mind you I can eat an avocado with lemon fresh off the tree usually but being in Arkansas finding a ripe, fresh avocado is close to impossible. :(
    So these are my new favorite way to enjoy a taste of home.

    5: Bahama & Co Car Air Fresheners
    As a mom my car is always on the go and with sweaty little kids in it I like to keep it fresh as possible. I am also kinda girlie and want to make my car "pretty" and give it some of my personality.
    With this said I have found these amazingly cute and great scented air fresheners (SCORE!) (Pretty sure the hubby thinks I am nuts that I HAVE to have a "cute" air freshener)
    I love the beach theme of these because I LOVE the beach and they are pink... one of my favorite colors. (DOUBLE SCORE!)

    6: RSVP Pens (black)
    Ok I am a traditionalist when it comes to my writing. I only write in black ink if I can help it because to me it is classic. I LOVE RSVP pens since well as long as I can remember. I like the grip, the price and the way they write. I have used theses suckers for many many, many, years and have stuck with them. They also offer a TON of colors if you like to shake it up a bit :)

    Have you tried these products? What are your thoughts?

    While We Were Out... A Weekend Recap

    This last weekend was a relaxed one.
    Friday night me and the girls took M to his baseball game where him and his team pulled off their second win of the season. SO proud of him and his team they are 2-0 so far for the season! Go Cardinals!!!! :) 
    Saturday morning the hubby was off to help the god father with some things so that meant I had the morning to start on house work and the never ending laundry.
    The girls watched the new Hobbit movie while I cleaned (it kept them busy and out of my way)
    M came back over later in the day to hang out and play with the girls and I finished up a few odd and ends at the house while we waited for the hubby to return.
    Once M was on his way home with his mamma we ran out the door to run some errands and pick up a few things that were needed.
    Boo had to have plastic eggs for school, and she still had birthday money burning a hole in her pocket (what can I say...she's a girl)
    So off we went for some family time.
    While we were out we decided to treat the kids to lunch/dinner out and stopped at Logan's for a bite to eat.
    This is one of the hubby's faves and though it is usually expensive we were quite impressed with the fact that it actually cost less to eat there for a family of 5 then it does when we go to IHOP!
    I was shocked, and the hubby was pleasantly surprised.
    We always have great service there and the good is always delish!
    My vegetarian was a wee worried pulling in since she was unsure what a roadhouse would offer her as a no meat eating teen...
    After stuffing our bellies we were going to go home but we were all so full we just HAD to walk it off.
    We decided we would run over to a local strip mall and walk away the 20 pounds we ate.
    We LOVE this particular strip mall because of the stores it offers.
    We ran into Kohl's while we were there (mainly because the 7 year old had to use the restroom) and came across a HUGE sale on small appliances.
    They had them for 50% off... that's right 50%!
    Me and the Hubby thought we had won the lottery! We have been looking into buying a blender for years and have been putting it off because well we are ummm cheap LOL (seriously we have not been wanting to spend that extra on one)
    So we finally broke down and got a $40 blender for $20 bucks. We are very excited with all the things we can make with it this summer.
    I am on the hunt for recipes for smoothies etc as we speak... so if you have one you'd like to share please let me know!
    Saturday night we relaxed with a family bonfire and had a few drinks some great chats and of course our infamous Tracy joined in the fun. (everything is so lively when she is around :) ) It was a spur of the moment thing but we enjoyed it, our youngest almost fell asleep out there with us (she is her mothers child for sure)
    It was a great way to spend a Saturday night!
    Sunday was a lazy day with the rain and all that came in so we finished up things here at home, watched movies and I actually cooked a HUGE meal (a first in a LONG time)
    Steak, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, mac and cheese, shrimp, rolls, oranges, potato salad and macaroni salad was on the menu and it was a hit!
    I was glad to be back into the kitchen somewhat but was NOT thrilled with the looks of the kitchen afterwards LOL
    How was your weekend?