Tuesday, April 29, 2014

While We Were Out: Weekend Recap

Aww the weekend came to a close yet again too soon for us.
We love our family time on the weekends and they always seem to fly by.
This last weekend we really got a lot accomplished around the house as we are getting ready for a neighborhood yard sale
(that is for what will be left after donations to the tornado victims)
The office was re done (3 kids is hard to keep anything done)
I still have the dresser and closet to go through and re organize since apparently my 7 year old is eating miracle grow behind my back :/
We got our shed/laundry room gone thorough and you'll be happy to know I got rid of one whole tote of Christmas D├ęcor! (If you know me you know this is a HUGE deal)
After the Saturday morning of work we let the kids play in some water since it was an unseasonably 90 degrees out. Since we have not bought the pool yet for this summer we reverted back vintage style with a tote full of water and two cups as ammo for them to splash one another...
It's the little things :)
I did not get pictures of this since I thought it safer to leave my phones and camera in house since they decided they wanted to soak me also. :)
After the Hubby started a mud fight!
I swear some days he is worst then the kids combined.
Overall though they had an amazing time and they did not fight at all (which is another small miracle)
My sister came in from out of town to take a break from college (why she chose my house is very questionable lol)
Saturday night we enjoyed the warm weather with drinks all around and a bonfire as we mentally relaxed from the past week and braced the week ahead.
Sunday was more relaxation as we prepared fro storms to hit us.
At 7 pm Sunday night our tornado sirens cried out to us, warning us with how bad the storm had really gotten. The kids were in their safe place and we watched the weather as we witnessed a tornado tear across our state.
I wrote about this on the blog yesterday please check it out.
The road to recovery will be long and emotional. I ask that if you can not give to the victims to please pray for them.
Many people lost everything, many lost loved ones and the rest of us will never be the same.