Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Gifts for Mom

Mother's day is a short 2 and a half weeks away.
So I thought it would be fun to gather up some gifts for mom
 (aka things I'd like to receive for this special day.)
1. Keriug Coffee Maker
Though I have a coffee pot now this is something I have been wanting for some time. I am the only coffee drinker in the house and my current coffee pot takes up HUGE amounts of counter space to where I have basically stuck it under the counter and forget about it. I find it pointless some mornings to drag it out to get my fix and it is sometimes easier to hit a drive thru after dropping the kiddies off at school, Though it is easier it is also more costly and needless to say ummm lazier...
You can purchase yours on amazon or at any retailer.
2. Bamboo Tablet
Another thing that I am totally drooling over is a Bamboo Tablet. Mainly because I think that this would make my life SO much simpler when it comes to work.
You can find several versions here, though I am really just wanting an inexpensive one to start with to see if all my inner hype about it will really pay off.
3. Down Comforter
I love my sleep and with all this talk of redoing rooms I have convinced the hubby to get another down comforter. Down fall...We have a king sized bed and they are hard to find locally and I am not a HUGE online shopper (maybe I should start) I like to see and feel things before I purchase them and this is not exception. We decided to go back with this bedding because it is classic and so easy to swap over accent colors when we get the wild hair up our bum again :)
You can find one here
4: iHome
A few weeks ago I joined the iPhone craze finally and so far am loving it. I am a huge music person and can listen to it all day long, needless to say we all know that music stations like Pandora, slacker, I Heart Radio etc will suck the life out of your phone faster than you can say iphone... With that said I have been search for an iHome to call my own...
I like this one because it is well pink, I can charge at the same time and it is small and did I mention CHEAP. Find your own here.
5: Ink

This is totally not for everyone one but it is for me. I love my ink work and since I am currently working on a sleeve this is something that I can really use and hey it is a forever gift... :)
The images above are of my actual pieces.
If you are a mother what is your wish list containing?