Friday, September 12, 2014


Over the summer I have been hinting that we were working on a BIG summer project for us!
If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram you got sneak peaks of images of things that we were working on...
The project took longer than expected and there will be LOTS and LOTS of projects with in this project but we are excited and are looking forward to it for the most part.
After almost 3 years here in Arkansas we have up-ed and MOVED!
We were really feeling the pressure of lack of space with three growing girls and we had toyed with the idea of packing our things and moving on to bigger pastures but we knew that moving was a pain in the ass and we did NOT want moving to become a habit for us here.
We got lucky and found a place that gave us the option of renting but later the option to buy and everything was open game to the house. We are able to make repairs, add-on's and even PAINT to make this home our own.
We opted to rent for 2 years before we took the plunge in buying but if God willing this move will be our LAST!
I will share pictures of our new home soon here on the blog, we have already started some minor projects and we are still unpacking our lives into our new home (perks of me be a night owl and the hubby being a day tripper)
Our first home here was 3 bedroom 1 bath and according to online it was only a little over 900 sq ft
Pack three kids and a life time of stuff and you can easily see where we were out growing  our lil home FAST!
We were sad to leave our house on Adrian because we left behind our "family" there thankfully we are only 4 minutes away and I still have a weekly wine night with the bestie!
The new place features:
1616 sq ft. (according to online research)
3 bedrooms/ 1bath
living room
dining room
den (which we have converted to the master suite)
storm shelter
2-2 car ports (one in front and one in back)
a storage building
a laundry room
a fire place
a fenced in yard!
It is easy to see why we were easily sold...
We also had to swap the younger two girls to a different school but they are adjusting well and I am happy to report we are walking distance and I am happy that they can experience that joy.
My youngest has already claimed a snow ball fight on the way home one day...
The house is in for some major face-lifting and I will be sharing those with you all as they are completed.
To my Adrian family: Thank you for the amazing love you have given us there. You will always have a place in our hearts and I am so thankful for you all!