Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 in a Nutshell

It’s that time of year, the count down to the end of 2012! We are 2 weeks away till Christmas and boy am I NOT ready! I have yet to start shopping…. :/ I keep saying I will start earlier each year but seems like I wait later and later.  Such is life!
2012 has been an exciting year for us and the first full year we have spent in Arkansas. The girls have transitioned well, with the help of technology they are able to keep in better contact with family via, texting, calls and emails. I have yet allowed them on social networking since I think that they are still a little young for it.
All 3 girls are in school now and I experienced a lot of mixed emotions on this! Aaliyah is in Kindergarten and loving it. She is beginning to read and I am in awe with how far she has come in 5 months! Alora is a straight A student and loving 3rd grade. She is my social butterfly and is always talking about playground gossip. (Laughs) Dakota is in 5th grade and still in the gifted program; she was picked to compete in her school spelling bee later this week so she is excited. This is her last year in Elementary School before she is advanced in to Middle School. In May 2013 I will have the honors in seeing 2 of the girls “graduate”.
All 3 girls have picked a home church and goes with Alora’s BFF. They will be participating in the Christmas program this year, and yes I will be going (Pray the walls don’t fall around us). They are all in JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz), and seem to love the education they are receiving about God and his wonderful word. I am so blessed that Alora’s friend’s mom allows them to join her and her kids.
Anthony has stared his schooling for his electrical license and seems to be excited about it. When he isn’t at work or school; he still enjoys watching movies and being outside, either playing ball, or outside with the kids.
As for me I am a stay at home slacker , I mean mom, I am right at my one year mark in school and I maintain the kids, hubby and house. WtP is slowly picking up and the custom gifts is getting there too. Hard work is starting to pay off. I am excited to start new things with both departments in WtP and continue my schooling. I am still looking for a job, just something for extra cash and keep me from brainstorming too much.

2012 has been a year of blessing and a new road for us. We are looking forward to what 2013 will bring for us and if we will be closer to reaching our goals.
Happy 2013 you guys!