Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Faint of Hearts

As a mother there are certain things that we are prepared for, we read books, learn through trial and air and then there are things that you just don't expect and are NOT ready for.
Yesterday afternoon my oldest had a doctors appointment and so I lugged all three right after school for what was to be a fast and simple ADHD check up.
Little did we know that because she is now 11 she was due for 3 boosters and so the mean mom that I am of course said stick it to her. ( I will never win mommy of the year award) 

While D was getting her 3 boosters I told the others not to watch ( I am a complete whimp when it comes to shots and blood drawn that I am well known to faint at the site of them on my self let alone with my children)
Of course kids will be kids and tend to not listen to wiser words...
As we were leaving my middle daughter stated she was seeing colors...
As a club member of the faint at heart I knew automatically what this meant and rushed to her.
By the time I put my hands on her cheeks she lost all color in her face, her legs went limb and she was not longer responsive.
It was NOT this glamorous :) 

I mind you she weighs 60% of my own body weight and there in NO picking her up and moving her and I literally had her face squished between my hands to stop her from hitting the tiled floor that was beneath her. 
I kept talking to her to get her to respond and had D bring boo back out of the hall and have her sit down. As I laid her on the ground gently I asked D to grab a nurse to help me get her to respond, we were at 3 minutes of no response and I was about to loose my cool and control.
3 nurses came in and we got her awake and finally respond to us as they checked her blood pressure and heart rate and gave her juice and fanned her. All of the nurses complemented me on my control and calmness and wondered how I did it with it being my child. 
I told them as a child of a firefighter and one who passes out also I knew what to do.
Thanks dad for teaching me to stay calm and assess the situations even if they are my own children, it is because of my quick thinking and lack of panic that I was able to help guide her limb body to the ground and keeping her from being hurt more severely. 
The kids did ask me walking out to the car how I was so calm and I told them I may have seemed calmed but I had never been so scared on the inside in my life! :) Hey I am not superwoman! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

While We Were Out

This last weekend was one I was grateful for because it was my birthday Friday.
I was blessed to be able to make it another year and since this is my last year in my 20s it was also a little but of a wake up call.
On Friday I got to watch the little girl I baby sit and though she was a bit fussy it was nice to spend the day with her. Granted she is 7 weeks old, but made me realize I am glad I had mine young. :) 

Friday I recieved a birthday gift from my neighbor and a few cards in the mail from family members.

Friday night my neighbor took the girls for a few hours while my husband took me to go get my gift from him and the girlies ;) 

This is just phase one. :)

Saturday we hung out at home after making our daily trip to Wal-Mart. The hubby had an appointment that afternoon so me and the girls made a wreath for under the mailbox :)
Saturday evening we went to my birthday dinner thanks to my biolgical dad at the Dixie Cafe.
After we got home from dinner there was a mysteru gift by the back door...
Turns out our other neighbors left an adorable gift for me!

Sunday brought lots of laziness and grilled steaks thanks to the hubby and finally cool fall weather.
Boo wore an adorable outfit to church and I must say I wish it would look this cute on me!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!