Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hidden Tresures in an Older Home

According to online our "new" home was built in 1954 making it 60 years old this year.
The hubby and I LOVE older houses that have character and include a little TLC needed. I am an addict to projects of any kind and this house defiantly gives us those things.
One reason we love older homes is that there are ALWAYS some sort of hidden treasure or two within the home.
We are lucky enough to have 5 just inside!

In our kitchen we have three alone!
The first is some great drawers that are deep and perfect for our school lunch station!

In the hallway we have access to an attic space! I wwish it was big enough to covert into a room of son kind... like a missing office space BUT I am thrilled to have the extra indoor storage! ;) Guess where all my home decor is going! 
Oh bathroom has the awesome drawer hidden away. Apprently it was intended for dirty clothes BUT we have utilized it for a hidden TP holder... can you tell its the 7 year olds chore to put it away lol

The kitkitchen also has a built in cookbook holder! Perfect for this mamma who only pretends she knows what's shes doing in the kitchen.  :)
The last hidden treasure we offer is a hidden lazy susan. I am not sure how we will utilize this or of we will eventually take it out but we do love the fact that it is there...

What hidden treasures does your home have?