Monday, October 20, 2014

A 3rd Year Celebration!

Today marks 3 years since we have made our move from Alabama to Arkansas.  So much has happened, so many news in our life's and so very many blessings. 
Here is a recap of our top 5 blogs from the last 3 years! 

This blog I shared how much they have grown who my ring leader is and who will have this skill perfected before to mich longer.

With a recent move and and older home we have some goodies that are hidden in our new old home! 

With our new series in full swing we shared a small tat with a huge impact

We officially announce HUGE news for our family! 

In this blog we all set our new years resolutions! 

There has been so much more that has happened in the last three years that these 5 are only a bread crumb! 
We have been so blessed with our move and our lives are Bette because of it. Though we are always secretly homesick we are 100% pleased about our move and looking forward to the rest of our lives here in the Natural State!