Wednesday, July 16, 2014

While We Were Away: An Alabama Weekend Recap

This last weekend we took a much needed break from our daily lives to go "home" to Alabama to see our families and so I could work a little.
We left Wednesday night when the hubby got home and traveled through the night.
From our front door to my mom's is almost 600 miles and usually a 9 to 10 hours drive.
Thanks to stops, traffic and construction we were there in 12 hours...
Thankfully the girls slept some but they could not go back to sleep after the last restroom stop because they were too excited!
Thursday morning the hubby went to surprise his family and I stayed at my mom's to try and get some rest and get my kids to lay down again. Needless to say by the time I got laid down my sister and her kids were at the door... No nap for me...
Later that day we went to go see the hubby's family where we got to see almost all his siblings.

We were only missing the older two and their other halves and his brothers kids out of this picture. We did how ever got to see his brother later that night and his fiancĂ© and we also got to see 2 out of his 5 kids. Unfortunately we did not get to see his older sister while we were there...
We also were lucky enough to witness the "baby" propose to his girlfriend!
Of course she said yes!!!!
Friday morning and Saturday I had photo shoots to do while in town.
I am still editing them but here are a few sneak peaks.
My cousins who came down for the Cousin Reunion 2014

My God-daughter
 and a session at Troy University!
Friday night my brother, hubby, and two cousins went to the bar to shoot pool and have some time away from the kids. After I got mine laid down I was out the door to join them and SO very glad that I did!
I have not been able to hang out with my brother like that in a while and have never got to with my cousins and I am so thankful I did it instead of staying home.

Saturday was our last "full" day at home so it was the last minute run around to see everyone and get ready to drive back Sunday.
We did our traditional flea market trip Saturday and then we headed back to my mom's to grab the kids and make our way back to his mom's house to say our see ya next trip.
While we were there his mom was able to get a hold of his best friend from grade school and our brother in law in which he is really close too.
I am grateful that she was able to get these guys to come out and I know my hubby was glad to see them too.
While we were there we happened to steal one of his siblings to come home with us for a few weeks before school starts back. Which is even more special to the hubby.
Since the weekend we were there was also our cousins reunion we HAD to get a picture of us cousins too.
I did also get to see an old friend who came by the house for our cookout and she brought her daughter. She is the same age as my D and they were BFFs just like me and her mamma! MAN I swear the kids there are snorting miracle grow!!! I think all of them are almost as tall as me!
I hate to say but I did not get a picture with me and Tabitha, thinks were SOOOOO hectic and honestly I felt bad I did not get more time to just sit and bull shit with her about what been going on...(Tabitha if you are reading this PLEASE don't hate me)
We also crammed in a birthday party for my niece Summer who is now.....8??? uh...
Sunday morning we were back on the road with our plus one and the 600 miles ahead of us...
 They were blocking out the sun from their games LOL
I am sure that there is some that I missed, I am sure that there are something's and people my dumb butt should had taken pictures of but we now know that we can not do this trip home in a short time frame.
As I close up this blog I will have to take a moment to say my "good-byes" to my bothers dog... He has a tumor on his hip and it is to the point to where this trip would have been my last to have seen him. Robert gave him a home from a person in the military who was being deployed and he is now defiantly the family dog.
We love you Duncan!