Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Playing Catch Up

So I know I have not been very consistent with my blogs since we got back from our Alabama trip.
Needless to say things have been CRAZY!
I feel like the dog in the image above!
I have LOTS of blogs to share with you all from tips on organizing, "officially" announcing the summer project,DYI projects, all of our back to school excitement and more PLUS everything I have missed...
Here are some highlights of what you have missed...

The hubby's new toy... everyone uses it though as you can see

Wine night

The brothers hanging out A LOT together

"Wine-ing" about all of our futures... ok so it should be called celebrating...

Zoo trip with the bro-in-law

Job interview day for me after almost 3 years of being a SAHM

Summer fun with other kids hanging out and enjoying ice cream!
And that is just the beginning. We are still working on the summer project though the deadline was tomorrow but we are glad to have the extra time with everything going on. This week is busy busy with kids and baby sitting and I start my new job Saturday! EEEKKK!!!!
Stay tuned guys we have A LOT to come!
What are you excited to hear about?
The DIY projects?
Back to school?
Tell me what you think...