Monday, July 7, 2014

A Weekend Recap: 4th July 2014!

This 4th of July holiday was one for the books!
My Godfather had my dad fly out from Oklahoma Thursday evening to spend the 4th weekend with us and needless to say the trip was an over all hit!
His flight came in Thursday night around 5pm and the hubby was kind enough to say that he would go get him on his way home from work. I thought this was a perfect way to surprise Dad in making him thing that us girls would not be there to get him (it also worked to my advantage that he thought the older two were in Alabama seeing their dad though that was not the case either)
Dad arrived and the fun began!
Dad wanted to take us to dinner (of course the kids thought they are dying of hunger... and he doesn't know the word "no" is when it comes to the grandkids) so we opted for IHOP since it was close to the house.
Since we were in 2 cars I took the girlies and headed toward dinner...
The hubby sent me a text to tell me they got side tracked and had to stop at the liquor store... why of course :) (I had already predicted this stop... what can I say I know my dad) 

Dad's choice...
After dinner we got home and enjoyed some drinks and relaxation, and our neighbor Tracy came over to meet dad.
It was a long night of laughter, stories and some much needed one on one with dad until 2 am when I kinda made him go to bed ( I will NEVER live this down I am sure)
Friday was the 4th and the hubby had the day off so we were super excited. We were heading to spend family time with my Godfather and his parents.
His parents were like second parents to my mom and dad and they also happen to be my sisters God-Parents.
We love spending time there with them and since we do not have actual "family" here they are always so sweet and nice enough to allow us to join them for the holidays.
Dad has not seen my God-father (his BFF from HIGH SCHOOL) or his adopted parents in close to 25+ years so he was like a kid headed to Disney World...
There we spent the day with slip and slides, music, fireworks, TONS of food, drinks, a million stories, and twice as many laughs!
Best Friends Forever! These two were back in high school it seemed... Nothing has changed...

Making S'mores...
Music time!

These two together are a MESS!


25+ year reunion with Dad Terry and Ken!
A moment I will always cherish as will they!

Saturday we opted to go do something a little fun with Dad and give him the chance to do something with the girls that they all love. Since we have the zoo passes we decided that would be a great thing for them all to do together and again it was a hit.
Feeding time for the Alligators

The Grizzly Bear was unafraid of us... I think it was because Dad was wearing his Chicago Cubs Shirt ;)

Penguins were up close and posing :)

These two men are amazing at what they do and my heart is filled with joy that they get along so well. They are "father and son"  What a Blessing!
Saturday evening we were all kinda worn out and it was the last night that dad had with us.
So we ordered pizza and Ant and Dad made a beer run (you can not have pizza without beer of course). Tracy came by later that evening to hang out and say her good-byes.
He also got to meet her daughter Courtney and her fiancé Joey which was great since we are all apart of the neighborhood family.. We were however missing the other neighbors who happen to also be on vacation.
Yesterday was the last day with Dad.. We were all very bummed but we made the best of it. Terry wanted to see Dad for a little bit longer so we met for lunch at the Olive Garden and then went and hung out at Terry's for a little bit while we waiting for the airport check in time.
It was so sad to see him go, and I am so wishing he could move closer to us, but I know that as of right now he is settled in Oklahoma.
I am so very thankful for this last weekend, there are not enough words to explain how much this weekend meant to all of us here.