Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Operation Brace Face: Phase 10

Hard to think we are already on phase 10 and towards the end of this journey.
In November we will be starting with my middle daughter and I am in need of a name for the series...
If you have am idea lets hear it...
Who knows I may choose yours!
Anyways last week we went in to the orthodontist expecting the worst of news that we would be oral surgeon bound for her k9 teeth that are deciding that they are not in any kind of hurry to join the brackets team.
By the time we made it to the appointment one had begun to appear through the gums and the other is still nested away and hasn't shown itself so I was pretty sure we would be getting a referral.
Shockingly the orthodontist decided we will wait another 8 weeks!!!
She felt the k9 at the edge of the gums and I hope that they will decide to show them selves by August so we can finish this all up on time!
The appointment was real simple in the weight lifted off our shoulders and we just had a color change and re-shifting of the top wire.
She went from blue to red this time. Red being her favorite color along with the 4th coming around the corner I thought it was a great choice.
I am not sure what they will do if she doesn't have her teeth in by August but I hope we avoid the oral surgeon... I REALLY didn't want to have to go with it being during the school year...
So lets hear what you think the next orthodontist series should be called...