Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7 Traveling Tips WhenTraveling With 3 Kids!

From Planes, Trains and Automobiles I have traveled a countless amount of times not only with my kids but solo or with my family as a child. These are perks of being a military brat I guess.
With Summer among us I thought it would be great to cover some of my must haves when traveling with  kids.
1: Pillow and Blanket
Though I do not have a specific brand or must have on this I can say that we have bought the kids since they were little travel pillows and small throw blankets for this very reason, both $5 or less a piece they are easy to replace as needed and each has their very own to take their naps:
2: ONE Favorite Stuffed Animal
The reason I say ONE is because if you have a "pet" lover like mine it will not take long for your back seat to become a zoo!
We narrow it down to one for all of the girls.
3: Electronics:
From game systems to music these are a LIFESAVER!
We also insist on headphones for our sanity.
This is great for them because no matter the time of day you travel these can be used.
4: Snacks and Drinks:
This is a HUGE must, we try to stop at the local grocery store before we leave and grab a few things because they are 10 times cheaper and we get more for our money. This also saves us from stopping at fast food joints  and gas stations to spend the small fortune it takes to re stock.
5: Motion Sickness 1st Aid:
My youngest gets motion sickness and we are always stocked with towels, trash bags, extra clothes. etc. We have found that these bands and cinnamon gum are LIFESAVERS!
6: Books:
We are big readers most of the time and books are always a great way to past the time. We try to make sure we have a new one on hand for each kid to pass the time while we are on the road.
7: Travel at NIGHT:
We LOVE this and have found it easier to do so.. #1 the majority of the time the kids sleep the whole way! YAY no fighting!
#2: Less stops because of a bathroom trip
#3: Less traffic!!!!
#4 not as HOT!!!
All good enough for me!
Do you do any of these tips? If so which ones do you swear by?
Which ones have we inspired you to try?
What tip did we not list that you would like to share?