Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Operation Brace Face: Phase Four

Phase Four 

Well Miss D has had another appointment and is now the proud irritated owner of an expansion plate. (these were called split plates 15 years or so ago) 

For those of you who don't know these are made to expand your upper or lower jaw if they are not wide enough. This is the newest and best way to expand your jaw with out breaking it like they used to do in the stone ages. With this device you get a special key and widen the device according to your doctors instructions. 
Miss D's is on her upper jaw and for the next 3 weeks we have to turn it once every other day.... JOY! 
Eating and swallowing has became difficult (she has only had it for a few day) but this should become easier as she gets used to it. 
She now also talks with some what of a lisp since her tongue can no longer reach the roof of her mouth. 
This should also change in time since she is not used to it. 

Example of expansion plate

The key


This blog post goes out to all of our heroes, no matter what they do!

As a child you are asked every year to who you’re hero was.
Most kids would answer simply Superman, Batman, or any other super hero that came to their minds at the time, or whoever was popular that year.
My answer was always the same.
I can remember from the time I was in Preschool to the time I was in 6th grade my hero never changed. Even to this day it has never changed (though it is no longer required to be written or spoken out)
It was my dad.
To me he was a “super” hero; he was in the United States Air Force and a fire fighter for 20 years.
Though he is retired today due to medical reasons I will never forget the pride I had when I saw him at the station and or on the fire truck.
I never will forget the fears I encountered when he would get a call when he was at the house and had to rush out the door.
I will never forget that that feeling of relief when he would be the one coming to our rescue when me or my sister would do something stupid at home ( try to fly off the bunk beds and miss the bean bag chair, slip and fall in the driveway while playing Miss America)
The stupidity was endless in our house, but dad and the gang was always there sirens blazing to rescue us!
As a firefighter their job comes with many rewards and many hazards.
One major hazard my dad faced was when he fell, I believe to be three stories during a fire.
He has never been the same.
My hero who was always active and standing tall now walks with a cane and can no longer do the things that he loved to do including playing softball.
He has had many surgery’s to help repair his spine form the damage it faced and next week he faces another. I will get the honor to be there when he gets home from the hospital along with his super cute nurses (aka grandkids). I know it will be hard to be strong but my hero needs me and that is something I never thought I would have to say.
My hero may be broken body wise but I am so glad to know that his spirit cannot be so easily broken.
Dad if you read this please know you will always be my hero!