Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our biggest reads for 2014... AND 2014 Resolution Follow-ups!!

Last Year I got the kids involved in some New Years Resolutions for 2014 and here is how we did...
D was the ONLY one who stuck with it!!! 

I am totally hoping that this will be a trend she follows for 2015 😊.

I knew she was strong willed but damn... 

I can NOT wait to share with you all what we have planned for 2015 tomorrow!! 

Here on the blog we have had an AMAZING year! 
Thank you to every pair of eyes who has stopped by and read our posts, commented, followed us here.

I have HUGE plans for 2015 personally, for the blog and my many businesses this next yearand I cacan't wait to share then with you guys! I will share some brainstorms tomorrow here :) 
Until then here are the too FIVE posts of 2014!!!


OUR #1 TOP post from the LAST YEAR is... 

Drum Roll Please:

We hope you all have a safe and HAPPY New YEAR!!! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tips & Tricks Thursday: HELP WANTED

Since the Hubby and I are both now working parents working 40+ hours on average a week and the chicka's are older (12,11 and 7) we thought it was WAY past time to get them involved in chores around the house.
With us having opposite schedules and both of us taking a "shift" with the kids we decided on a NEW and hopefully better way to get them involved.
I used to control the ENTIRE chore list for them and it was not going ANYWHERE...
They didn't contribute, it was harder for me to check on the progress and sad to say easier for me to do it all then to delegate them out.
I have sat down with the kids and hubby for that matter and explained to them that we are in fact a family there for we are a TEAM and we needed to help each other keep OUR home clean, neat, organized and guest friendly. Since our home is the "hang out" for all of the girls friends I thought it was only fair.
I came up with the idea to get the kids involved in picking their chores out of the ones me and the hubby came up for them and allowing them to chose the days that they wanted to do them. I figured if they were allowed some decisions that they would be more apt to participate.
Now there were chores that they had NO say so in etc. but I did find that at our family meeting (our first one ever!) that they were excited about it AND they really thought out things that they wanted to do and which days worked "best" for them.

All three have their daily to do's which include:
Picking Up their bedrooms before bed
Home work
plus their daily routines of
Brushing Teeth
Making Lunches
Taking Meds

Then they got to choose from the following chores:

Dusting: Living Room, Bedroom
Sweeping: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Bedroom, Kitchen (One day a week)
Mopping: (Same Rooms as above) (One day a week)
Loading and Unloading the Dishwasher: (2 days a week each)
Laundry: This is their own laundry (Once a week)
Deep Clean Bathroom: (Once a week)
Taking out Trash

Thanks to pintrest I found some really CUTE free printables for each of the kids that I can utilize to help keep us ALL on track!

As of right now these are just the templates. I have not decided on if I will make these to be dry erasable (Most cost efficient way) OR if I will just print them out and write on them as needed)

Here is what I have chosen for each:
Each girl will have their own theme to match their personality and style to hopefully help keep them interested...




With the new chore system I thought it would be fun to set up a reward system with it. This is all in attempts to get them motivated.
I want them to be able to "work" for their rewards and really EARN them so I brainstormed and talked with the hubby and came up with this idea.
Each reward is earned after the said number of days that they have repeatedly done their chores without being asked or reminded. If they miss a day they start over on their days...
15 days: Hot Chocolate or Frozen Yogurt treat from fav café or shop
30 days: $30
45 days: A surprise gift!
90 days: New item for their bedroom or new outfit
I did not set up anything past 90 days because I thought it was a good start for them. If they do reach 90 days I will brainstorm some more ideas...
Here are the reward charts I found:



I also decided that I would do a chart separately for their Daily To Do's:
I am still in the process of customizing it but here is the template I am using:

I have not decided when this will all go into affect for them but I am super excited for this new attempt!

Do you have a system that works for you and your family?


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

House into a Home: Christmas Edition Part One

Now I will be honest I have a sick  obsession on matching Christmas decor. I mean EVERYTHING has to match from ornaments to wrapping paper and every thing in between.
In my defence I buy all decor on clearence and or on sale if I think I am in the need of that idem right then and there.
I also made the mistake  of changing out our Christmas colors every year as a tradition woth the kids... 
This year I have my eye on two colored themes I would love to add to our collection of 20 totes of Christmas decor. (Ok it may not be THAT many but the hubby says it feels that way every year when he is forced to pull it ALL out) 
One year I will better organize them and get them set to color themes and ones for keepsakes so he only has a minimum to pull out... until then hun I am sorry :/

Since we change the colors and themes so often I have finally figured out that it would be more cost efficient and more memorable to decide on one stocking to use every year... but what do you choose... white of course! 
After searching online I have to say they are REALLY PROUD of white stockings!!! Geesh! 
So I want to make our own... here is a few Pinterest finds for inspiration.

These are simple yet lovely and not only universal but unisexed... I try to accommodate the fact the hubby is the only man in the house. ;)

Now when you have stockings you HAVE to have hangers am I right?! 
Since we now have a fireplace with a mantle you know what that means! 
More decor lol
This is another item they are proud of...
plus i want something again simple and versitle and where we can always add more too just incase we ever have family over for the hoilidays etc. 
Again Pinterest is a LIFE SAVER! 

Here are some inspirations have found for some DYI.

I can not decide which I LOVE more! Maybe i can make a few different ones for each theme? Hmmm...
What do you think? 

Like I mentioned earlier I am looking at two different additions to our collection here they are: 

Both of these are sets of 50 and on sale through
We have talked for years on a pink and green theme but could never find a set... I happended to find these today...
The hubby is REALLY loving the rustic colors of the brown and red set and it is a RARE moment when he inputs on Christmas ANYTHING (he can be known to be a bit of a scrooge) so I would love to play with the theme to show him his input is valued and welcomed! 
Here are some other finds on sale at I would LOVE to incorporate with the rustic theme one year...

Which theme do you love the best? 

Tatted Tuesday: Featuring Adam

When I posted on my FB page asking for people to share their ink I was given a HUGE response, some friends and family had one or two to share and then there were other's like myself, the hubby and a few other friends who was gracious enough to share multiple if their stories and ink...
So our first Feature is dedicated to my co-worker Adam!
Adam is originally from New Mexico and is now here in the Natural State with his beautiful girlfriend.
All of Adam's ink has been designed and sketched out by himself except for one ( I will let you know which one soon)
So lets get started... These are all amazing! 
The Start of it all: Dedication to Faith 

Age: 19 (my first tattoo)
Price: $150
Pain scale: 9
Body location: ribs, left side
Chair time: about 2 hours
Artist: Adam Sedillo
Shop: Lucky Bastard Tattoo
My first tattoo!!! I wanted it to be have meaning and a purpose and not something I regretted when was older. I always wanted some kind of cross, so I knew that was going to have something to do with it. After finding a sweet stencil online, I took it and made it my own to give it meaning. I removed some pieces to make it smaller than the original and I redesigned it to kind of, camouflage my last name down the middle. I do believe in God and have faith in the Lord and believe there is an Almighty Power, which is why I chose to go with a fire-ish design of the cross. I chose my last name because it's family, my ancestry, it's who I am. My name down the middle represents me being within the Lord, or a symbol of my faith in Him.
The Ink of Coincidences: For Mamma
Age: 21
Shop: Lucky Bastard Tattoo Las Cruces, NM
Pain level: 2/10
Artist: Adam (another coincidence) lol
Chair time: approximately 1 hour 30min
Body location: right shoulder
Price: $150
This was my second tattoo. I came up with the idea and combined different lion designs to draw out this piece dedicated to my mom. My mom and father split when I was about 6, so my mom raised my brother and I a single mom. She played the roll of my mother and my father, which is why the lion is a male lion with a mane. I chose a lion because lions represent strength, courage, and having no fear. All qualities my mom showed raising two boys on her own. It's hard to tell, but her name is shaded in purple, which is the color loyalty. Coincidentally, my mom is a Leo and her favorite color is purple, but those have no reason behind why I got the tattoo. It's in my right shoulder. I chose my shoulders because I'll carry my mom with me wherever I go. And if I ever need anything, she's got my back.
Brother's Unite

Age: 21
Price: $120
Pain Scale: 2
Body location: back, left shoulder
Chair Time: about an hour
Artist: Justin Arrey
This is a tattoo dedicated to and matches my little brother's. On the left, the kanji is the character for "Loyalty," which is written above it. On the right, the kanji is the character for "Little/Younger brother with his name, Angel, written below. He has a matching tattoo, which is identical, with the exception of his right kanji is "Older/Elder brother" with my name written below. Everything is in a continuous ribbon, which is twisted to make an Infinity. Resembling "My brother will forever have my loyalty."
A Lesson in Life

Age: 22
Price: $65
Pain scale: 5
Body location: chest
Chair time: about an hour and a half
Artist: Justin Arrey
Self explanatory. Live and Learn. For some reason I tend to act before I think. I learn from life's lessons and take from everything I experience. I also just really like line work so I wanted something semi-fancy.
Finding Yourself after a First Love
Age: 23
Price: $60
Pain scale: 3
Body location: right and left wrist
Chair time: about an hour
Artist: Nadine Mantoyaz
Shop: Her house

Socorro, NM
After my first heartbreak from my high school sweetheart of 4 years, I changed for a while. I wanted to get her back and did everything I felt like I should do. Sadly, that included trying to be the person she wanted me to be, rather than being myself. I got this as a reminder to always stay true to myself and that I'm good enough for someone exactly the way I am. Later on I realized she wasn't worth it anyways.

A Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

This last weekend we were honored to have been included to the besties and her families Thanksgiving feast and celebration.
We celebrated last Sunday with it being the best day with the least amount of us having to work.
We are very blessed to have families like this to open their homes, traditions and hearts to us. We had a blast!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcoming Wednesday: Meet Abby!

I have to take a moment to give a congratulatory shout out to my cousin Nathan and his wife Maricela!
 Yesterday they were blessed with thier first child as Abby entered the world and into this crazy family we all know and love. 
Congrats to you both on your best accomplishment in life. 
Here is to the many years of drama, boys, and fashion headed your way! The giggles and tears will be endless.
You two are an amazing couple and I know you will both be even better as parents! 
I am so excited for you all and your new journey. I wish I could be closer to watch her grow into the beautiful young woman I know she will be but never forget I am only a phone call, text message or FB message away of you ever need anything!
 I am so proud of you both and honored to be apart of her life. I can't wait til the day we can meet her! I love you 3 very much!!! Miss you all even more! Here is to the new parents, may God grant you patience, laughter, and an amazing support team! 
Congrats again to you both and welcome lil Miss Abby!!!!

Abigail Alejandrina 
6 lbs 4 oz 
19 inches.
9:08 am 

She favors her daddy to me and is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Welcome Abby! 

Here is the new parents on thier wedding day:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: A Surviviors Tribute...

After I FB post I am so overwhelmed with the response that I have received with everyone's amazing ink work and stories that go with them!
Some post will now include individual tats that where shared and others will feature people with multiple tats and multiple stories since I was so very blessed with a HUGE amount of material for the series.
If you have sent me a tat and the story I am honored to share your ink with our readers!
If you have ink and you would like to have yours shared here on the blog you can FB me (if we are already friends) or email me with the subject: Tatted Tuesday!
I look forward to seeing more ink and reading the fabulous stories behind them!
Now on to todays feature:
My sister's childhood bestie was gracious enough to share her ink.
This one is not only a special one to her but it hits home with me also as I know her mom and we spend SEVERAL years of our childhood with this girlie almost daily!
She is like a sister to us both and though we had lost touch after moving as teens this woman will always have a special place in my heart and I am sure my sister's too.
Tat: Cancer Ribbon with Wings
Location: Upper Left Arm
Pain Scale 1-10: 1
Shop: Empire Ink located in Fontana California
Artist: Katie Bradburn
Time In: 1 hour +
Cost: $120
Age: 31
Last April she went in to receive the ink after learning her mom had cancer. Her mom is now cancer free for a little over a year!
Thank you so much for sharing your ink!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast: Our 2014 Plans

When you move away from family the holidays seem to add a heavier weight to your heart. Until 3 years ago we never had to wonder what we were doing for the holidays we already knew. Our biggest hurtle was figuring outof what we were contiburlting that year and how to fit all the places in one day. 

Since we are no longer close to our families physically we now have to decide what to do...
luckily we have met some amazing people (the bestie Tracy) in the area and we have been invited to join thier family for the second year this Turkey day. 

We will be filling our bellies and enjoying our extended family Sunday since three of us gals work overnight. 

They do a potluck style and everyone contributes a few dishes for us all to share.

I am bringing truffles (peanut butter and oreo) some veggies and drinks :) 

I cant wait to be surrounded by this amazing family Sunday! 

What are your Turkey Day plans? 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Freshly Picked Friday!

Here is their Story:
Susan Petersen started making baby moccasins in 2009 after becoming frustrated by the lack of well-designed baby shoes. Usin...g her second child, Gus, as a mocc-tester, and a bag of scrap leather she picked up at a yard sale, she began experimenting with designs. Working at her kitchen table, on a shoestring budget, Susan persisted through some disastrous attempts until she had created a pair of moccasins that not only looked adorable on Gus’ chubby little feet, but stayed on his feet as well.

Since then the moccasins have gone through about six design changes. Each change has perfected the look and the fit of the soft-soled shoe. The moccasins you purchase today are durable, well designed, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot.
The ladies over at Freshly Picked were kind enough to share a pair of their handmade moccs with Boo for us to enjoy!

There is something about this kid that is very PICKY about her shoes and what can I say these were a hit!

They are handmade and amazingly soft and too cute to boot!

So come join us and WIN your FREE pair or Freshly Picked Mocs!
Winner announced next Friday on the blog!