Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tatted Tuesday: A Surviviors Tribute...

After I FB post I am so overwhelmed with the response that I have received with everyone's amazing ink work and stories that go with them!
Some post will now include individual tats that where shared and others will feature people with multiple tats and multiple stories since I was so very blessed with a HUGE amount of material for the series.
If you have sent me a tat and the story I am honored to share your ink with our readers!
If you have ink and you would like to have yours shared here on the blog you can FB me (if we are already friends) or email me with the subject: Tatted Tuesday!
I look forward to seeing more ink and reading the fabulous stories behind them!
Now on to todays feature:
My sister's childhood bestie was gracious enough to share her ink.
This one is not only a special one to her but it hits home with me also as I know her mom and we spend SEVERAL years of our childhood with this girlie almost daily!
She is like a sister to us both and though we had lost touch after moving as teens this woman will always have a special place in my heart and I am sure my sister's too.
Tat: Cancer Ribbon with Wings
Location: Upper Left Arm
Pain Scale 1-10: 1
Shop: Empire Ink located in Fontana California
Artist: Katie Bradburn
Time In: 1 hour +
Cost: $120
Age: 31
Last April she went in to receive the ink after learning her mom had cancer. Her mom is now cancer free for a little over a year!
Thank you so much for sharing your ink!