Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welcoming Wednesday: Meet Abby!

I have to take a moment to give a congratulatory shout out to my cousin Nathan and his wife Maricela!
 Yesterday they were blessed with thier first child as Abby entered the world and into this crazy family we all know and love. 
Congrats to you both on your best accomplishment in life. 
Here is to the many years of drama, boys, and fashion headed your way! The giggles and tears will be endless.
You two are an amazing couple and I know you will both be even better as parents! 
I am so excited for you all and your new journey. I wish I could be closer to watch her grow into the beautiful young woman I know she will be but never forget I am only a phone call, text message or FB message away of you ever need anything!
 I am so proud of you both and honored to be apart of her life. I can't wait til the day we can meet her! I love you 3 very much!!! Miss you all even more! Here is to the new parents, may God grant you patience, laughter, and an amazing support team! 
Congrats again to you both and welcome lil Miss Abby!!!!

Abigail Alejandrina 
6 lbs 4 oz 
19 inches.
9:08 am 

She favors her daddy to me and is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Welcome Abby! 

Here is the new parents on thier wedding day: