Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving Feast: Our 2014 Plans

When you move away from family the holidays seem to add a heavier weight to your heart. Until 3 years ago we never had to wonder what we were doing for the holidays we already knew. Our biggest hurtle was figuring outof what we were contiburlting that year and how to fit all the places in one day. 

Since we are no longer close to our families physically we now have to decide what to do...
luckily we have met some amazing people (the bestie Tracy) in the area and we have been invited to join thier family for the second year this Turkey day. 

We will be filling our bellies and enjoying our extended family Sunday since three of us gals work overnight. 

They do a potluck style and everyone contributes a few dishes for us all to share.

I am bringing truffles (peanut butter and oreo) some veggies and drinks :) 

I cant wait to be surrounded by this amazing family Sunday! 

What are your Turkey Day plans?