Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Which Do You Prefer Wednesday and Why?

Chicken Vs. Beef

Chicken by far, I am not a red meat eater really and have not been for 16 years now. I did however take a break from this eating habit when I got pregnant with the oldest. To be honest I CRAVED it lol
Yellow vs. White Cheese
Is there really a bad cheese? LOL
I honestly don't have a favorite kind just ALL of it!
Hot Sauce vs Mild Sauce
I am not a spicy food person but I can handle a little kick in certain and very few foods and so my choice would be mild. :)
White vs Wheat Bread
White is defiantly the choice for me, needless to say I am not a very healthy eater.
Fleece vs Flannel

I LOVE flannel! Love the plaid style love the shirts and apparently I am a little country.
I do like some fleece but I am a flannel girl all the way :)
Contacts vs Glasses
 I am not a fan of the geek gear, though I hear they look great on me. I am a 24/7 contact wearing kind of gal, and yes I get yelled at when I go to the eye doctor because if it. :/
Lip Stick, Chap Stick or Lip Gloss:

Ummm none? I honestly hardly ever use any of these things. I had a phase where I had a love affair with each but now days I am au natural. I will use chap stick if it is cold out and my lips are chapped but other than that these lips stay naked.
I am not sure why the change of heart over time but maybe it is lack of time?
Bangs vs No Bangs
For me I have personally have only had bangs once in my life since I have had control over my own hair. Needless to say when I did it I was 14 and I looked... well... umm... yeah...
I have not had them since and I do not plan on having them unless they are long bangs to the side and utilized into the current hair cut. I do not think that I have the face for it no the hair, I have SUPER think hair and I just don't look right!
I do love some looks with bangs and I wish I could pull them off but I will not kid myself and leave them to the people who can... like... my sister.
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