Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My 5 Latest Addictions:

As much as I would just like to say my only addiction right now is being in a warm place with our VERY early winter weather this year I would be lying. :)
Thanks to the freezing weather I had  3 addictions to add this time :)

Aquafina Lip Balm:

With winter making her presents known early this year we have been feeling the pain of dry lips!
Mine got so bad it busted open in my sleep and started to bleed :(
I am NOT a huge lip wear gal and 99.99% of the time (even if I do apply makeup) I do not wear ANYTHING on my lips. I am just not a fan of it anymore.
I do however LOVE these! It goes on smooth and silky and I don't feel like I sticky toddler... which my friends is a great thing! Another thing that I love about this is that they come in a 4 pack for less than $3!!! Hell yeah!
When your a mom of three girls.... there is one for you each :)


O'Keeffe's Working Hands:

Originally we hunted down this stuff for the hubby. He is an electrician and when outside in the elements and working with your hands needless to say they don't always stay so purty...
We found this at Lowe's in the Paint Department but I have also seen it at The Home Depot.
It is a little pricy BUT WELL WORTH IT!
Since I am working overnight I started to use it too this winter, cardboard and girly hands are never going to be BFF's. The cardboard dries out your skin and cuts your hands and by the end of your 9 hours you have lost the fight against boxes...
Laugh if you will it is true!
Now when you add freezing temps outside we are in a WHOLE NEW problem, we now add dry cracking bleeding hands on top of dryness from cardboard...
But this stuff is AMAZING!
It last a while too so it is worth every penny!

Slacker Radio:


I LOVE music and all kinds of it, Since I am home all day by my lonesome when I am not asleep and I listening to my friends like Queen, The Beatles, Selena Gomez, Linkin Park, Florida Georgia Line, Marilyn Manson, Gold Finger, Sublime and Pink serenade me through out my daily to dos...  Thank you Slacker!

The Walking Dead:

Blame the bestie!
This is our favorite guilty pleasure so far...
We are finishing up season 3 now and ready to see what happens next...

Chalkboard Products:

I am LOVING the chalkboard trend right now, I don't know why this is not something I didn't think about but it is ENGENIOUS!
I would have this stuff everywhere!
My husband is rolling his eyes and waiting out the trend, while he is wondering how he could kill it himself I am sure.
I have them in the kitchen mainly but I hope to add a few items in the girls rooms soon too...
So what are your MUST haves right now?
What are your thoughts on ours...
Let us know!