Tuesday, November 4, 2014

House into a Home: A Room to Makeover

With the new house we are able to make it really show our personalizes and style with décor and what I am most excited about paint!
Each room in the new place is pretty much decided on what "theme" and or color scheme planned out.
The hardest choice for me was to choose which room to start in...
I have found it easier to concentrate one room at a time versus trying to keep up with it all. Now don't get me wrong if I find something for an amazing deal for a room and I think I HAVE to have it and I have the extra cash flow well you better believe I will snag it up :)
After long arguments with myself I decided that the first room I was concentrating on was the kitchen.
Part of the reason I chose this room first is because this seems to be where I spend most of my time (imagine that right?), also I was SUPER lucky to receive a mini shopping spree from my bestie in Cali for my 30th last month and the majority of our house warming gifts were kitchen related including the Keurig machine we got from my other bestie! (yes I am blessed)
The kitchen theme is Café so the colors are shades of brown, red and white with accents of black.
I do plan on painting the cabinets and paneling that it in there and have the colors picked out. Now just to have the time to paint. I also will be changing out the hardware, redoing the back splash and redoing the counter tops (though the last two will not be till much later)
I also want to change out the lighting in there and add some more to make it brighter so my blind butt can see and when I say I, I actually mean the hubby (thank God for him being an electrician).
I want to add in mobile kitchen island and possibly even knocking out the nook area and turning it into a pantry down the road.
The flooring is new and luckily we should only have one appliance to eventually change out but I am happy with leaving what we have there until it croaks out on us.
Wish List:
Here are a few things I would love to add to the space.

We have this place in there that I guess is for a breakfast nook or small table but to me if you add those things it takes up too much space and cramps the area.
I LOVE THIS!  I could even utilize its counter space and find something similar for the counters in there to make it all tie in together in the end.

Wall Art

This has been the hardest thing for me to decide on. I think that ultimately I will be making my own utilizing my own photography work. Now to break out the camera :)


I have had the same set of ugly blue and white dishes for lets say FOREVER! I have wanted a new set for about as long but had not decided on a style and or a color/print.
I have found that white will be my best bet and I am totally in love with THIS set!

We are not really in a HUGE need for things in the kitchen, sure I need a new toaster since I dropped ours, and I would love to have a few small appliances new bake ware etc. but they can always be used for gift ideas down the line lol..


I was telling you that we already had a few new things in the kitchen that I have been gifted along the way.

The start of coffee corner:
This is what I call coffee corner.
It is all things coffee!
The canisters were a new addition and part of my mini shopping spree.
They are chalkboard and I LOVE them!
They are currently holding sugar, creamer, cocoa, and cups (the to go cups I take to work with me)
I also added a K-Cup organizer to the mini shopping spree and I am thrilled that I can have the space utilized there.
Both items where found on Amazon.com and under $20 each!

This bad boy is also part of the coffee corner and needless to say is a hit for everyone but the hubby who only uses it to make me coffee on my way home from work on the weekends.
The kids love it for hot chocolate and teas and well I am just happy that I can actually get a HOT cup of coffee :)

I have to say that this is my favorite new addition!
Since I am not home in the mornings with the girls and the hubby leaves so early, we have our old neighbor girls come by the house to lend a hand getting them to school.
Thank God for amazing people like that!
I know how difficult it is to get those girlies to do what they are supposed too when you want them too at times especially in the mornings when they are so NOT morning people.
I thought this was a great way to help keep all the girls on track :)
So far it has helped them remember what they are supposed to do and gets them out the door with less fights.
Since this bad boy is double sided I can use the other side for holiday greetings, menu or whatever we need it for, and since it is chalk board I can easily change, add, remove or do away with what there and re do it!
This was also found on amazon.com and was on sale for 50% off!
I think I would have something like this in EVERYROOM if it did not make me look ummm well crazy.
We have also gathered new dish clothes, towels etc. for the kitchen.
I can't wait to keep you all posted on the process, the before and after's and all the joys that come with this room make over.
Which room would you have chosen to do first?