Monday, March 31, 2014

While We Were Out: A Weekend Recap

Well we survived Spring break and topped the weekend off with some fun as a family.
Friday night Lo had a dinner "date" with her boy that is a friend for his 10th birthday and she party hardy-ed til late. I on the other hand spent the night studying and wine-ing with the neighbor. :)
Saturday we treated the girls to the local zoo since the tigers had cubs over the winter and our 7 year old has had a fit all winter long about them.

Sunday we went and ran some errands and I finally took D's 12 year pictures and Boo's 7 year pictures

They were oh so NOT thrilled...
This will be a busy week for us as we have a birthday party this weekend for our not so little girl who will be 7 and Friday being the hubby's 30th!
I am excited to celebrate these!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break ReCap

This week was spring break for my girlies and though we were unable to actually go on a vacation we made the best possible with our stay-cation:
I was blessed with 6 little ones running around the house. So the plans were jammies and movie day!
And that is just what we did. Movies played and they had popcorn and played all day with one another.
Monday night we had baseball practice with M and since it was spring break I let the girls tag along with me and give the hubby some time.
We were back down to 4 kiddies so we planned an ice cream sundae party!

I had to go to the revenue office to re new my tags sat there forever! I was up for a little fun by the time I got out of there but I had a few things to finish up at home. The kids went with M's mom til I was done then I took them all back so she could sleep (she works nights).
Anyways I wanted to send M off in a hyped up style and go do something fun for us all as a treat for surviving the week so far so I took them all to Lemon Tree Yogurt Shoppe...

That night started our 5 night 4 day stretch of just me and our own.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my daycare babes but I am excited for this break and I hope that they are all having and AMAZING time with their families!
That evening we went and ran some errands mainly to get out of the house and I wanted to get things picked up for Boo's party next weekend. What I did find was a maxi skirt finally!
Thunderstorms were in the air so I decided it would have been the perfect day to get the house cleaned. It has needed me more than usual lately since my schedule has been tighter and tighter.
But finally I got it all done and to celebrate I treated everyone to subway... ( there was no way in hell I was cooking!)
Today is the "last" day of Spring Break so I hope to make it special with the girls.
I know we have to get things ready for Lo's dinner "date" tonight at her "boyfriends" house for his birthday and I need to run a few more NEED to do errands but I want to do something special... hummm
Well I hope you all had a wonderful week and I can not wait to catch up with you Monday!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Spring Break Obbessesion :)

This week we have had a lot of fun on our stay-cation and we are only half way through!
I have found some new LOVES this week that I am totally thankful for.
With out giving away our whole week (recap tomorrow here on the blog) here are some of the things I am so glad we have found.
1. The Maxi Skirt
Last night I finally found a maxi skirt that I am totally loving!
I can't wait to wear it and I will be buying all sorts of tanks to go with it and will be looking for some more colors. I REALLY want a grey one and will probably get another black one to have because I may end up living in these things! They are WAY comfy and versatile! Which is a win win in my book!
I found this in Target but you can order online here where they are buy one get one 50% off... Of course they are out of stock on the grey so I am keeping a close eye out this week to see if I can add a few more to the wardrobe while they are on sale :)  
Order yours here.
2. The not so Healthy-healthy lunch date
Another new found love was Lemon Tree Yogurt Shoppe...

So I took the girls and M here yesterday for lunch... yes you heard me right I treated them to yogurt for lunch ( its healthy right?) to celebrate reaching half way through Spring Break and send M off to his mom to finish off his Spring Break with his family and a trip to OKC.
If you have never gone to one of these new hits in yogurt shops I suggest you try!
There were TONS of flavors and even more toppings!
They kids make what they want pick cone/cup... then the flavor or flavors of yogurt (there were like 12!) and then they get to pick whatever toppings they wanted (like 50! I may be exaggerating but to 4 kids 12 and under it may have been very close to heaven on earth)
At the end the weigh your cup and or cone and total all them bad boys up!
If your lucky like me I got there during happy hour (guess that is what happens when you give kids this for lunch) and got buy one get one 1/2 off and spent less than $20 for 5 of us!
Can we say JACKPOT?
What are some of your favorite yogurt flavors?

Monday, March 24, 2014

While We Were Out: A Weekend Recap

We have Srung into Spring!
That is right it is "officially" Spring and we are SO excited...
warmer weather is a coming...
This weekend has been a FULL and LONG one and will continue into our long week of spring break mini funny.
Friday night we barrowed the movie Frozen from the neighbors to have a family movie night.

Needless to say it was a HUGE hit with us all and it may or may not have been watched almost 10 times already since Friday....
Saturday we cleaned a little of the house since we are now less than 2 weeks away from birthday party weekend and we spent time doing what we love to do and spend time as a family.
We grabbed some lunch at the Dixie Café which is always a favorite for us since they offer vegetarian plates for our oldest and they have a GREAT deal on Saturdays for families :)
Saturday night we had our lil M (7 year old I keep) so we enjoyed some outdoor time before we got hit with the rain.
I also got a great surprise in my mailbox...
Sunday M was picked up early to spend some time with his mom before he had to come back for the night. So we took a trip into the big city to get some errands ran and take our neighbor Tracy to go get her newest workout equipment :) Grab some lunch at Ant's favorite Chinese restaurant and do a little shopping.

These are Tracy's new running shoes :) Ugly right? :)
D bought this for her room with her bday money... talk about a flashback to my own child hood.. 

Tracy's first trip to Bass Pro Shop and yes I kinda made her do this LOL we just HAD to document the trip :)

When we got home we ( ok so the hubby) hung the newest addition to Tracy's house and of course we had to test the hanger... He came in like a wrecking ball :) He forgot to show off the Miley tongue  of course ;)

Saturday night we managed to start on some OKC Thunder posters for lil M's trip to OKC this week to see Mr. Kevin Durant in action against the Kings. :0)

With Spring break this week I am full of kiddies in the house and I am so excited. I only have some of my day care loves for 2 days then it will be just me and the girls which means we have today and tomorrow planned something extra fun since they have no school.
Today was pajama and movie day topped with popcorn and lounging around...
Tomorrow will be ice cream sundae's :)
I am so excited!

Friday, March 21, 2014

3 Things that I am Lovin'

I have found some new favorites that I am totally loving!
1. The Catcher in the Rye
 This book was recommended by my godfather who was kind enough to lend me his copy. I read two chapters every night to de stress from the day. I am only half way through it but I am hooked. I know what you are thinking if I am so hooked then why only two chapters a night?
Well I really want to take it all in and take my time with it. It is a classic you know :)

2. Vitamins All Around :)

 I know I shouldn't have waited til I was almost (coughs) 30 to start taking these things but what can I say I am not as young as I used to be and I was in desperate need to get a healthier lifestyle.
Up until I started taking these I was tired ALL the time no matter how much I slept. Sleeping all the time was not getting anything done and since I started the vitamin kick, I started the kids on one too. I think that since we are not the healthiest eaters in the world and one is vegetarian it was important to add this to all of our daily routines. The hubby also has some but I am not sure he is loving his as much as me LOL

3: Arbor Mist Cranberry Twist

I LOVE cranberry juice, I always have, my grandma got me hooked as a kid and though I don't drink it very often anymore I do enjoy getting a bottle every once in a while.
The hubby brought this home for me one day last week and I am so very glad he did. I am totally loving it.
What are your favorite things right now?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In Search of a New Look

It has been close to 7 years since I have actually cut my hair, though I color it often (perks of kids and grey hairs) I have not cut it since before my youngest was born.
Needless to say I am WAY over due.
I have debated and put it off for so long...
Now it is time to break down and just do it!
So here are the ideas that I am looking at...
(All styles were found on Pinterest)
Style 1
Style 2

Style 3

Style 4
I like the medium length as a mom and photographer it is important for me to be able to just wash and go and probably end up sticking it in a ponytail some days but I want to have the options to make it look like I spent FOREVER on it when it really only took 5 minutes to do LOL.
Needless to say with 3 girls bathroom time is scarce in our one bathroom house :/
Here is what my hair is like now...

It is hard to tell the length of this in the image but it goes to the small of my back...
I would LOVE to hear which cut you like the best!
So lets hear it....

Monday, March 17, 2014

While We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

This weekend was a fun filled and busy one and let me just say it FLEW by! 
Friday night we did not due a whole lot as I wanted to get some cleaning done for spring and I am still working on getting things re organized and cleaned out for the neighborhood yard sale and prepping for room re-do's.
Though I still really wish we could do the room swap I think that cleaning out and a fresh coat of paint will help more than I expect. 
I started working in the kitchen cleaning out cabinets and re organizing them. I got about 1/2 of the bottom ones done before I swapped over to "wine-ing" about the week with my hubby and our neighbor Tracy.

Saturday we went into the big city to spend some time as a family before we got stuck in the house with rainy days and I wanted to treat the girlies to a sweet treat. Our youngest was announced as a ROAR student this last week and it was a treat to encourage her to keep up the great work!

The problem with a big city is trying to choose where to go!
The city offers close to 20+ places and I had no idea where to start, but there are a few places on our to try list now.
We settled for TCBY since it was right next to Academy Sports (a store the hubby LOVES to gaze around)
While he went and window shopped getting ideas for his birthday coming up I took the girlies and treated them to their first frozen yogurt! (The hubby doesn't eat it anyways so it was a win win in our book)

Later we went shopping to pick up a few needs and D was still looking for the PERFECT Tween wallet to go with her new purse.
She did find one and on clearance at that. 

Later that night the girls had a sundae making party at home thanks to Ms. Tracy who brought them over some goodies to do so... So they are a little spoiled :) 

Sunday was a rainy day and we finished up some house work and the girlies went to Church.
After we all went next door so the hubby could work on his "honey to do list" for Tracy  and while we were there the kiddies did hand stands, cart wheels, and goof offed to burn out extra energy and calories...
I am still unsure who had more fun... my little kids?
Or my big ones?

This morning we woke up to snow on the ground and we were all so not thrilled about it, but it is a Monday and St. Patrick's Day!
Don't forget to wear your green and be safe!
See you all tomorrow! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Fiesta Day and my biggest obsession this week!

Well it is already Friday, and we survived the first week of the time change. I am unsure how er managed NOT to be late to everything this week but I know this lil Mamma is tired...
Today at school marks the last day of the book fair and the girls got to dress up for fiesta day...

This is what we came up with since we are fresh out of ponchos or anything super festive for the occasion...

Last night while the hubby went to go play basketball at the local park me and the girlies ran to Target to refill their medicines and purse shop for D.
Not quite sure how 12 years have already went by but it sure has went quickly.
I am sure that I will whine about them getting older now every 6 months.... :(

 D found this adorable cross body mint purse (we are shocked in color choice since she is usually a little darker) but this is PERFECT for a first purse.
There is room for her wallet (which we are still looking for the PERFECT one)
her phone, and some personal items that will be required.
It is small enough to where I don;t have to worry about the kitchen sink coming up missing :)

She also found a cute watch/ bracelet set 
though this was not anywhere on the list of things to buy it fit her personality and style (more so than her purse)
and I couldn't say no (plus its her bday money so...)
Down fall... its a little big and there is NO adjusting it :( 

This last weekend my sister bought me some Girl Scout Cookies while she was here and had ran to run an errand needless to say I may or may not have already ate 2 boxes of these bad boys....
So which girl scout cookie is your favorite?

Nothing HUGE planned for this weekend. I am wanting to take the girls and treat them to a yogurt shop since out youngest made ROAR student twice now and if you know our sweet lil Boo this is a HUGE thing for her! I think we should celebrate with a sweet treat! 

Have an amazing weekend! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monthly Pot Lucks

So back in January I had this HUGE brainstorm of hosting monthly potlucks for our friends and family.
January we hosted the first one and it was so much fun. We had a great turn out and then I decided I wanted to theme them LOL
With the ice and snow in February we thought it best to skip a potluck since a lot of us ended up with a few extra days off.
Also we will skip March and April since we host birthday parties both those months.
But I am TOTALLY excited about May's!
May is National Luau month if you did not know and that is what we will be theme-ing our potluck around.
I am TOTALLY excited about this and I hope to manage a few DYI projects to help set the stage so be on the look out for those soon.
We love hosting these things (ok I enjoy it more than the hubby).
I think that it is great to keep social with our friends and do things like this. I want to keep these going for sure because I think that this will be something that the kids will remember. 
I am dying to try a shrimp recipe that has been viral on Facebook for this potluck and I ALWAYS make some sort of desert for them..
Think it is time to put Pinterest to use and find the perfect one that is kid and adult friendly. 
Here are some of the ideas for the rest of the year....
June: Italian Foods
July: Mexican Foods 
August: Summer Foods
September: We will skip because of the middle daughters bday
October: Halloween themed
 November and December are still up for debate since they are holiday months... though I think it would be fun to do a secret Santa in December or a cookie party for the holidays..

Do you host monthly events with your friends and family? If so tell us about it !

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Book Fair Fiesta

This week is the annual book fair at the elementary school and they are doing some fun and exciting things to help raise money this year.
This years theme is a Fiesta and they have something fun for the kiddies each day this week: 
Here is the plans:
Monday: Sombrero or Hat Day:
The girls did not participate this day because one was not there and Lo just decided hats are not her thing.. silly girl
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday:
This fun day featured tacos at lunch and music..
Good news Boo had her very first taco! (long story)
Wednesday: Amigos Day:
The girls decided they wanted to be each others Amigo and dress a like this morning with these creative outfits....

Thursday: Skippyjon Jones/Zorro Day
 Which should be interesting
and finally 
Friday: Dress for a Fiesta!

I love how they are encouraging students to read there and be a part of many things in school...
Does your school do things like this?
I'd love to hear about it! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

While We Were Out: A Weekend Recap and Birthday Party!

This last weekend was a busy one as we celebrated my oldest turning 12.
If you follow me on my Facebook page or Instagram I kinda sorta flooded it with images of her...
If you don't here is a recap:

Friday I also got to meet up with my Hubby and my God Father for lunch and was joined with the rest of the Crew and my God-Father's wife. It was nice to have some adult time though it was short lived since they had to go back to work. 
I love being able to sneak away from the house to see those guys! 
I never feel like I get enough of it with them both...
My Godfather brought me some of his favorite book to read since I had finished "To Kill a Monkingbird" earlier and the week and was ready to start another one. 

Friday night we finished getting everything ready for the party Saturday and had my sister and her boy friend come down from college to spend the weekend with us. We just refer to them as the "college kids" since they are all still babies in my book :) 
We also had a pre party with Tracy the night before as everyone helped set things up!

Saturday the girls got to go to the Pancake Breakfast for the fire department with my sister and her BF and LOVED it! They got to see a helicopter land and take off and talked about it all afternoon before heading over to church for a Senior Luncheon.
(yes everything was happening Saturday!)
The party went off with out flaw and we were so appreciative of everyone who came to the party. It was nice to have everyone here and though we missed others that could not be here we are thankful for the ones that did come! 

D's main goal for her bday was to raise enough money to go to band camp this summer and we are happy to announce that she will be able to go!
She is SOOOO excited and I would like to thank everyone who gave her the opportunity.
The party rolled into the night with a bonfire and some relaxation some some adult beverages for us over 21 and lots of laughter and chit chatting and maybe a few go away rain dances from Boo...
Sunday was her actual birthday and she enjoyed the day shopping and using her new gifts. 
I am actually shocked she was HAPPY with the clothes and is ready for warmer weather to show it all off. :) 
Yesterday they were all back in school except for the youngest who had some dental work done. She laid up in my mommy's and daddy's bed all day in pain :( Nothing worst than that...
I did decide on the first book to start on and I am so excited!

Have you read this
I just finished chapter 2 and I am excited to read further...
Do you think it will make it on to my obsessions list this week?