Thursday, March 13, 2014

Monthly Pot Lucks

So back in January I had this HUGE brainstorm of hosting monthly potlucks for our friends and family.
January we hosted the first one and it was so much fun. We had a great turn out and then I decided I wanted to theme them LOL
With the ice and snow in February we thought it best to skip a potluck since a lot of us ended up with a few extra days off.
Also we will skip March and April since we host birthday parties both those months.
But I am TOTALLY excited about May's!
May is National Luau month if you did not know and that is what we will be theme-ing our potluck around.
I am TOTALLY excited about this and I hope to manage a few DYI projects to help set the stage so be on the look out for those soon.
We love hosting these things (ok I enjoy it more than the hubby).
I think that it is great to keep social with our friends and do things like this. I want to keep these going for sure because I think that this will be something that the kids will remember. 
I am dying to try a shrimp recipe that has been viral on Facebook for this potluck and I ALWAYS make some sort of desert for them..
Think it is time to put Pinterest to use and find the perfect one that is kid and adult friendly. 
Here are some of the ideas for the rest of the year....
June: Italian Foods
July: Mexican Foods 
August: Summer Foods
September: We will skip because of the middle daughters bday
October: Halloween themed
 November and December are still up for debate since they are holiday months... though I think it would be fun to do a secret Santa in December or a cookie party for the holidays..

Do you host monthly events with your friends and family? If so tell us about it !