Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break ReCap

This week was spring break for my girlies and though we were unable to actually go on a vacation we made the best possible with our stay-cation:
I was blessed with 6 little ones running around the house. So the plans were jammies and movie day!
And that is just what we did. Movies played and they had popcorn and played all day with one another.
Monday night we had baseball practice with M and since it was spring break I let the girls tag along with me and give the hubby some time.
We were back down to 4 kiddies so we planned an ice cream sundae party!

I had to go to the revenue office to re new my tags sat there forever! I was up for a little fun by the time I got out of there but I had a few things to finish up at home. The kids went with M's mom til I was done then I took them all back so she could sleep (she works nights).
Anyways I wanted to send M off in a hyped up style and go do something fun for us all as a treat for surviving the week so far so I took them all to Lemon Tree Yogurt Shoppe...

That night started our 5 night 4 day stretch of just me and our own.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my daycare babes but I am excited for this break and I hope that they are all having and AMAZING time with their families!
That evening we went and ran some errands mainly to get out of the house and I wanted to get things picked up for Boo's party next weekend. What I did find was a maxi skirt finally!
Thunderstorms were in the air so I decided it would have been the perfect day to get the house cleaned. It has needed me more than usual lately since my schedule has been tighter and tighter.
But finally I got it all done and to celebrate I treated everyone to subway... ( there was no way in hell I was cooking!)
Today is the "last" day of Spring Break so I hope to make it special with the girls.
I know we have to get things ready for Lo's dinner "date" tonight at her "boyfriends" house for his birthday and I need to run a few more NEED to do errands but I want to do something special... hummm
Well I hope you all had a wonderful week and I can not wait to catch up with you Monday!