Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Show Must Go On

Tonight is the annual Elementary Variety Show where the kids with a creative spirit sign up and put together an act. 
Some acts are of groups, some solos, some instruments and much more!
Last year my youngest did a group act with Kindergarten and this year my 4th grader will be on stage with some of the other 4th graders in her school to sing a song.

Last night I took her to rehearsal and from the first 10 acts I saw it will be an interesting show. 
There are 30 acts this year and after I take the Middle School-er to class to night to sign up for her 2014-2015 classes I will lug I mean drag treat the oldest, youngest and my little M (the 7 year old I keep)
to the annual school event.
This year is a HUGE year as we celebrate 25 years of the music teacher putting this wonderful event together for the school and this will be the last year our school principle will be with us before retiring! 
So many milestones in 2014 already and we are only in March! 
Where does the time go?

I am excited to see what classes we get fro the next school year and to see how hard these kids hard work pays off at the show tonight! 

Until then it is house cleaning and homework for this mamma. I have a birthday party this weekend! EEKK