Monday, March 24, 2014

While We Were Out: A Weekend Recap

We have Srung into Spring!
That is right it is "officially" Spring and we are SO excited...
warmer weather is a coming...
This weekend has been a FULL and LONG one and will continue into our long week of spring break mini funny.
Friday night we barrowed the movie Frozen from the neighbors to have a family movie night.

Needless to say it was a HUGE hit with us all and it may or may not have been watched almost 10 times already since Friday....
Saturday we cleaned a little of the house since we are now less than 2 weeks away from birthday party weekend and we spent time doing what we love to do and spend time as a family.
We grabbed some lunch at the Dixie Café which is always a favorite for us since they offer vegetarian plates for our oldest and they have a GREAT deal on Saturdays for families :)
Saturday night we had our lil M (7 year old I keep) so we enjoyed some outdoor time before we got hit with the rain.
I also got a great surprise in my mailbox...
Sunday M was picked up early to spend some time with his mom before he had to come back for the night. So we took a trip into the big city to get some errands ran and take our neighbor Tracy to go get her newest workout equipment :) Grab some lunch at Ant's favorite Chinese restaurant and do a little shopping.

These are Tracy's new running shoes :) Ugly right? :)
D bought this for her room with her bday money... talk about a flashback to my own child hood.. 

Tracy's first trip to Bass Pro Shop and yes I kinda made her do this LOL we just HAD to document the trip :)

When we got home we ( ok so the hubby) hung the newest addition to Tracy's house and of course we had to test the hanger... He came in like a wrecking ball :) He forgot to show off the Miley tongue  of course ;)

Saturday night we managed to start on some OKC Thunder posters for lil M's trip to OKC this week to see Mr. Kevin Durant in action against the Kings. :0)

With Spring break this week I am full of kiddies in the house and I am so excited. I only have some of my day care loves for 2 days then it will be just me and the girls which means we have today and tomorrow planned something extra fun since they have no school.
Today was pajama and movie day topped with popcorn and lounging around...
Tomorrow will be ice cream sundae's :)
I am so excited!