Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Spring Break Obbessesion :)

This week we have had a lot of fun on our stay-cation and we are only half way through!
I have found some new LOVES this week that I am totally thankful for.
With out giving away our whole week (recap tomorrow here on the blog) here are some of the things I am so glad we have found.
1. The Maxi Skirt
Last night I finally found a maxi skirt that I am totally loving!
I can't wait to wear it and I will be buying all sorts of tanks to go with it and will be looking for some more colors. I REALLY want a grey one and will probably get another black one to have because I may end up living in these things! They are WAY comfy and versatile! Which is a win win in my book!
I found this in Target but you can order online here where they are buy one get one 50% off... Of course they are out of stock on the grey so I am keeping a close eye out this week to see if I can add a few more to the wardrobe while they are on sale :)  
Order yours here.
2. The not so Healthy-healthy lunch date
Another new found love was Lemon Tree Yogurt Shoppe...

So I took the girls and M here yesterday for lunch... yes you heard me right I treated them to yogurt for lunch ( its healthy right?) to celebrate reaching half way through Spring Break and send M off to his mom to finish off his Spring Break with his family and a trip to OKC.
If you have never gone to one of these new hits in yogurt shops I suggest you try!
There were TONS of flavors and even more toppings!
They kids make what they want pick cone/cup... then the flavor or flavors of yogurt (there were like 12!) and then they get to pick whatever toppings they wanted (like 50! I may be exaggerating but to 4 kids 12 and under it may have been very close to heaven on earth)
At the end the weigh your cup and or cone and total all them bad boys up!
If your lucky like me I got there during happy hour (guess that is what happens when you give kids this for lunch) and got buy one get one 1/2 off and spent less than $20 for 5 of us!
Can we say JACKPOT?
What are some of your favorite yogurt flavors?