Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Fiesta Day and my biggest obsession this week!

Well it is already Friday, and we survived the first week of the time change. I am unsure how er managed NOT to be late to everything this week but I know this lil Mamma is tired...
Today at school marks the last day of the book fair and the girls got to dress up for fiesta day...

This is what we came up with since we are fresh out of ponchos or anything super festive for the occasion...

Last night while the hubby went to go play basketball at the local park me and the girlies ran to Target to refill their medicines and purse shop for D.
Not quite sure how 12 years have already went by but it sure has went quickly.
I am sure that I will whine about them getting older now every 6 months.... :(

 D found this adorable cross body mint purse (we are shocked in color choice since she is usually a little darker) but this is PERFECT for a first purse.
There is room for her wallet (which we are still looking for the PERFECT one)
her phone, and some personal items that will be required.
It is small enough to where I don;t have to worry about the kitchen sink coming up missing :)

She also found a cute watch/ bracelet set 
though this was not anywhere on the list of things to buy it fit her personality and style (more so than her purse)
and I couldn't say no (plus its her bday money so...)
Down fall... its a little big and there is NO adjusting it :( 

This last weekend my sister bought me some Girl Scout Cookies while she was here and had ran to run an errand needless to say I may or may not have already ate 2 boxes of these bad boys....
So which girl scout cookie is your favorite?

Nothing HUGE planned for this weekend. I am wanting to take the girls and treat them to a yogurt shop since out youngest made ROAR student twice now and if you know our sweet lil Boo this is a HUGE thing for her! I think we should celebrate with a sweet treat! 

Have an amazing weekend!