Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year= New us...Resoultions

Once a year people take the time to reflect on what they can do to better themselves and plan on spending the next 365 days doing just that...
Our family is no different...
So here are our new years resolutions! 

Ok, ok sooooo he is still anti resolution... 

This is the first year I really wanted to do one since adulthood and no my list it FOREVER long...
Here is the highlights:
* Run at least twice a week

* Work on exercising more
*Have a monthly date night with the hubby

* Have more family time

My oldest daughter age 11
* Become a vegetarian

My middle daughter age 10
* Do better in school

My youngest daughter age 6
*Become the President of the United States
(I don't think she get it but she has my vote) 

What is your biggest resolution for 2014?
From all of us to you have a very Happy New Year! 
Here is 2014!