Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve! 2013 Recap

Good-Bye 2013!
Here are the highlights of 2013:


I got to welcome my sister's 4th child and my 4th God Child!
Nathlia Grace Deason. 6 lbs. 9oz 20 inches long! 9:26pm


D was in a musical for the school and got the part that she wanted and rocked it! 
Costume made by Mrs. Verna :D


Boo got her chance to be in a school program with her Kindergarten class

My lil D officially lived to see 11! And for her birthday she got Braces...
You can follow Operation Brace Face here on the blog.
My God-Father got married! 

 I also got a new tat! 

My hubby got dressed up! This is the first time it has happened since we have been together


The girls got to Easter hunt at the fire station with the neighbors and LOVED it! 

Boo turned 6 and the hubby celebrated his last year in his 20s

I also started freelancing with the Newspaper

The hubby got to go out and hang out with my God-Father and his wife and my biological dad while me and the girls were in Oklahoma.

The girls and I went to Oklahoma to help with my dad coming home from neck surgery.


May was an INSANE month for us we were very busy and had A LOT of memories made! 

I was blessed enough to go see Fleetwood Mac with God-father and his wife and of course the hubby! 

After begging and begging her dad she finally got her first hair cut! 
 We had a kindergarten graduate! 
 And a 5th grade graduate who received the Presidential Award 
 D had a picture in the school Art show! 
 I surprised D with a special yearbook ad... for her last year in elementary school! 
She was not so thrilled...
 We celebrated one of my grandmother's birthday's in Branson in Missouri at the landing. 
 We had a broken wrist scare and she casted her own arm.... Shes a lil dramatic 

In May my parents had to put down the family dog. Tucker will never be forgotten and will always be my baby though he wasn't my dog LOL 
We also said good by to Tank our snake who passed away. 
 I got to be there for my cousin Vincent's wedding in Arizona!
This "little" boy means the world to me and I am so glad me and the girls got to go "home" to see them get hitched! 
 Lo also had some art in the Art show at school 
 A very long week in Arizona and California had us girls worn out!
But my hubby met me at the arrival gates with Starbucks! ( He does know me) 
Choosing our poison when I got to spend some time with my BFF Mia! 
I also got to meet my cousin Nathan's new bride to be! I am so proud of my cousins they have really grown to be great men! 
They are like brothers to me 

And can't forget the Wild Animal Park! Thanks to My grandma and grandpa for having us and allowing us to have a great time! 
I got to see a few good friends there too and I am so glad I got to see them! 


 We had a neighborhood yard sale for three days and spent every night out there til like 10 just chatting away LOL 
The girls gave free dum dum hair styles to everyone working 

I got my first works published in the paper! 

We had some baby bunnies hanging out in the yard 

There was LOTS of swimming and tanning with our dearest Tracy! 


July was a rough month for us as on the 4th we were notified that my hubby's co workers daughter had passed away at the age of 6... To the Beautiful Emily Rose.... Never forgotten angel...
Also prayers were hit hard for Kali (She is a 12 year old that is fighting parasitic meningitis (PAM).) 
She was a student at the girls school and they all knew her

 4th July celebration in Salem! 
 VBS at church
 Silly string the neighbors! 
 A trip to the zoo is always a hit for our family 
 Beginning of the year surprise from Tracy!  
And more swimming! 


 All the girlies got hair cuts for starting back school! 
 Lo's before and after
 Boo's Before and After 
 D's Before and After
 D's Middle School locker! 
 D's instrument of choice 
 Headed to the 4th grade 
 Headed to 6th grade 
 Headed to 1st grade 
 Kissing hands for my babies on the first day of school! 
 A gift to our neighbor and friend Tracy who was a little upset summer was ending
 My mom turned the big 5-0
 D got new geek gear! 
 We decorated D's locker for Middle School! 
Before hair cuts 


 Alora Turned 10
 We all got to go fishing with my dad in Oklahoma for his birthday  
 Waiting on great Grandma at the airport in Ok to surprise dad for his 50th
 Fishing with Dad 
 I became the "cool" mom and let the kids color their hair
 Pink hair! 
 More pink hair! 
 Kali got to come home and the town was a BUZZ 
 Got to spend the day in Hot Springs at the bike rally 
 Boo had to have a tooth pulled...
2 of my favorite guys celebrating the big 5-0
 Got these AMAZING knives for an early Christmas gift 
 D's first band concert 
 Boo got to meet Batman
 My band nerd 
 Halloween party at school 
 Nerd Day 
 Fall Festival at school 
 Picture Day 
 Hanging out with Tracy for girls night! 
 Hanging out with Tracy for girls night 
 Hanging out with Tracy for girls night 
 My birthday tat and the start of my sleeve! 
Planning begun for opening the studio! 

 Jama day with the girls 
 Wine night with Tracy! 
 D passed hunters ED
Bond fires and wine with Tracy! 

For Turkey day we got to spend the day with my God-Father and his family and were very blessed to be added in the crowd!
We also had a second Thanksgiving with our neighbor Tracy and her family! :D


 Our Ginger bread house 
 Electronic induced Christmas 
 Christmas phase 1

Lo in her Christmas musical at school 
 Game day with the boys I watch after school! 
  Christmas Concert! 
 My two babies I get the honors in watching during the day 
 Sleddign with Tracy after 2 snow days and LOTS of ice! 
Our companions for tonight! 
The hubby has to work in the morning but I will be ringing in the new year with my girls and Tracy! 

Good-Bye 2013
We will be wine-ing about you tonight! 
Hello 2014!