Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing in 2014 and the top 10 post of 2013

We had a quiet night at home since the hubby had to work the next day and was unable to ring in the new year with his girls, but the neighbor came over for a mini party so we could wine about 2013 and toast in 2014 together! 
 The girls and their kiddie "wine" toasting 
 The girls drink line up for the night, thanks to Ms. Tracy 
the adult line up for the night, even the hubby had a few tastes before hitting the sack 
Though it was a quiet one it was a nice way to relax and reflect on 2013 and think about what the new year holds for us!

Our top 10 post count down of 2013!
If you missed the top 10 follow the links to see what you missed! 

10: School Fundraising: 6 More days!
We had 21 views on this post!

9: Beginning to Wonder 
We were humbled with 22 views with this one.

8: Lip gloss vs. Laptop: Round One
Another one with 22 views

7: Getting Older
With 23 views this one shared our Christmas morning

6: Happy New Years Eve... 2013 Recap
Getting 24 views on this one shared our 2013 highlights... There was A LOT

5: Tech Savvy Parent/Teacher Communication
With 26 views we have reached the half way point in the count down

4: Cut and Style Time
This one getting 26 views

3: The Faint of Hearts
With 32 views shows a good story is hard to beat

2: Operation Brace Face: Phase 2
At 36 views D might be becoming famous.... just kidding

And our NUMBER ONE post for 2013???

1: New Year = New Us: Resolutions
This bad boy took the leap at 103 views!
I am amazed at the response to this one!

Thank you all for reading our blog! I hope you will continue to follow us in 2014!
Here is a toast to you!