Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To the Doctors we go... and why I LOVE Target Pharmacy

Yesterday was a Monday needless to say...
but the important and highlight of this mamma's day was taking my youngest daughter to the doctor to finalize some testing for her.
It has been a few months progress between behavior in school and attention span, but
thanks to her wonderful teacher this year we have had her tested for ADHD.

She did well at her appointment and after looking over test scores from her teacher and my self and spending about 5 minutes with Aaliyah they were 100% convinced she was in fact ADHD.
After talking we decided the best route of treatment for her would be a very low dose of meds to start off...

 So that included a trip to our local Target to fill her meds, and what better way to cruise Target then in their carts. 
She got to hang out with Bray ( my 22 month old little boy I watch during the week) 
They were rewarded with a snack and drink for being so good at the doctors and the doctor gave them both a grape stick. 

As a mom of 3 and 2 of which are ADHD with daily meds, I am in LOVE with Target's pharmacy, 
they offer these great bottles that are not only easy to read BUT they are also color coded.
Each member of our family has their own color and it is SOOOO much easier for me to be able to keep up with who's is who's without having to read every bottle in our little pharmacy at the house. 
Also it is great for the kids because teaching them to take their meds daily and on schedule can be a job in itself.

* I was not recruited or asked to talk about Target Pharmacy and the opinions are of my own.