Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Room Makeovers!

I have been thinking about re vamping decorating the house for some time and and I really wanting to start getting my butt in gear...
Since we rent our home we have some limitations like painting, wallpaper tearing down walls etc..
I am also stuck on which room to start with...
SO here are the ideas for each room:


Anyone that knows me knows that I am a coffee addict, and I love the feel of cafes and the colors they tend to be, the rich browns, deep reds and black has this mamma looking to turn her kitchen in to Cafe SJ in the future..

Living Room
My hubby spends a lot of time in this room so I don't want it to be all sorts of girly and I want it to be somewhere he can relax after a long day at work, and what is better then the beach? 
(Yes I know we live in Arkansas and the is NO beach here) 
I was inspired by the love that we all have for ocean and want to bring it into our home.

I wanted this to be very kid/adult  friendly since we have kids here more times then not. I also wanted to be able to show off some of my work in the house and with us having the beautiful city of Little Rock in our front yard this was a PERFECT idea.
City-scaped images with black grey and white was a winner for the house but we are still debating on what color to "pop" it with...

Girls Room

Surprisingly all of the girls LOVE this bed set and honestly I am in shock that they do. 
Since all 3 think that they have to sleep in the same room
 (even though they don't always get along during the day) 
This was a clear winner.
I love the colors and the fact that it is a little more "grown" but fits nicely with all of their ages and is something that they will hopefully like for the next few years.
I would have been happy with coordinating colors and decorative pieces on walls etc to tie them all in but this works just as well for this mamma :) 

Though my "office" is not just my office but also the girls play room and guest room this room is crammed multitasking like crazy. 
I am sure that over time if we are still here in this home it will end up going into JUST a guest room BUT until then this mamma is craving her own space. I LOVE this idea above but I would have to add a splash of color or two to make it more me and not so BRIGHT...

 Our Room:
This room is still up for debate since me and the hubs can;t agree on 1. Color....2. Design....3. Just about everything else when it comes to this room. 
Since it is our little hideaway I would like for it to be relaxing and cozy... he on the other hand has a lot of bolder ideas...

So there are my ideas, I would love to hear what room you would start in and why? 
Thanks! Happy Hump Day!