Tuesday, January 21, 2014

While We Were Away... A 3 day Weekend Recap

So not everyone had a 3 day weekend in our household, but we still took the long weekend to the max!
Friday afternoon my daughter brought home some furry friends from the class room:

Friday night our neighbor came over and we wined about our week (ok well she beer-ed but it doesn't sound as good.. :))
Colored with the kids, where Tracy colored what we now call a Zippo...
Check it out!

Saturday was family day and we spent the majority of it in the BIG city of Little Rock. I don't get there personally myself but the hubby is there everyday for work, but we still enjoy seeing the town and even after 2 years of being here we are still finding more about the Capital and new places to explore. ;)
First stop was the mall as we window shopped and enjoyed the rare occasion of lunch out (we don't eat out often :))
We chose Sbarro since they had a vegetarian option for our oldest.
I haven't ate there for years and truly enjoyed it!

After lunch we finished window shopping and a new pair of shoes may or may not have been purchased :)

The kids each got a case for their tablets that they got for Christmas.

and we went to the NEW Bass Pro Shop of Little Rock to check out what all the fuss was about.

That night we stayed home and relaxed as me and the hubby finished season 3 of our newest favorite show SoA (Sons Of Anarchy)

Sunday we went shopping with the neighbor so she could find some things that she needed and do more window shopping.

Then we all hit the local grocery store to do the dreaded event of grocery shopping.
We went back tot he house where I did the house cleaning chores, laundry, the kids "cleaned", and the hubby cat napped most of the afternoon.

Monday was girls day with Ant at work and them out of school. I did not have any of the day car kids so we took this time to finish things up around the house, sleep in and have a music day with Tracy.
We also got to play with her new coffee maker...

We had a great 3 day weekend and LOVED the fact that I did manage to get a day with just me and the girls.
Now for today D got to play hookie  stay home from school for a few appointments this morning to check on her ADHD and other "complications" they refer her to have.