Friday, January 17, 2014

Operation Brace Face: Phase 7

Back in December D went and finally went and got the rest of her brackets since she FINALLY lost all of her baby teeth.
 (Because I need to feel older than I already do...)
Thanks to a HECTIC schedule between the kids and the holidays and my UN photographic child, I forgot to get a picture the day of soooo needless to say we are behind,
D needless to say is well over the initial excitement of being a brace face and was ready to have them taken off before they even got them all on...
NOTE: We are not even half way through!
She did pick a rainbow of colors for the 4 brackets that allow her to have color on them.
The rest are locking brackets where the wire locks into places versus the ones 15 years ago that required the color rubber bands all the way through.
If you ask me that was the best part of my braces were all the colors I could choose
 yeah so I am a dork nerd ;)

Yesterday however she went back for a band check and the doctor noticed that her K9s were coming in fast and they prepped her teeth for them to finish coming in and to be bracketed the next visit.
She was unhappy though about the one color chain she ended up with and has been a fan of Tylenol since..
 My daycare kid B got to hang out and visit the ortho too :)
  Picture on the left is the newest progress, the bottom right is last month..

We return in a month to get new brackets and she hopes more than the one color.... ;)