Monday, January 27, 2014

While We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

This weekend was not nearly as exciting as the last BUT we did get a lot accomplished and still had time to relax and have some good quality family time. 
Friday night we wined and beer-ed about our week with the neighbor, this has become a tradition that I look forward to and absolutely LOVE! 
We also redid the pink not only in my hair but Lo's, the other two decided on just blonde this time which I was not so surprised about D but was a little surprised about Boo not wanting pink! It is her favorite color after all! 
Saturday it was off to the BIG city of Little Rock as we ran there to pay a bill but decided since we had driven into the big city to spend the day there and window shop (we are becoming experts at this)
We got to check out a few great stores that we had never been in before but the exciting party of the whole thing at least to me was going to Party City.
With the 3 birthdays this Spring and approaching faster than this mamma is ready we walked around to see all the hottest trends this Spring.
Here is what the 3 of them hinted towards...
 Dakota is really lovin' this Rocking theme... and it goes perfect with her black and red request! 
 The hubby REALLY liked this 50s theme! Maybe the 50 Chevy... ( I may or may not have already planned a different theme...) OH NO!
Aaliyah is still stuck on Disney's Frozen... They did not have the supplies in store BUT they do on line! One less thing to stress about! 
We also looked at some ideas for redecorating the house and in search for "THE" pool for this summer! 
We cleaned the house from top to bottom since it was overdue for a good deep cleaning. 
I am in the process of trying to convince talk the hubby into doing some room swaps
so I really wanted to deep clean so when he gives me the go ahead there is less to do. 

We also did watch some great movies this weekend. 
 This is definitely more the hubby's style movies more than mine but we like to try an compromise and watch them together.  
 So if you know me personally you know that Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses! There has not been a movie that she is in that I can think of that I hated and Melissa McCarty has been a fav of mine since the Gilmore Girls (coughs) years ago. 
If you like a comedy and you have not seen this it is worth it. The hubby actually do I dare say LIKED it! 

This to me was a hard movie to watch. I LOVED it don;t get me wrong but it is based on the True Story of the day JFK was assassinated and the 3 days that followed the kill shot to the President. I could never imagine being alive then and seeing it all take place.
If you are a history buff take the time to watch this and let me know how "true" it is. 

The hubby and I are also anxiously awaiting for the library to have season 4 come in of SoA...