Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring Fever = Birthday Party(s) Frenzy!

 Who doesn't like a birthday party???
With the cake...
and most important 
Family and Friends! 

We LOVE the Spring and Fall when our birthdays hit and I LOVE to plan the parties.
In the Spring we have...
D who is the oldest and will be turning 12 in March
My hubby who will be the BIG 3-0 In April and
the day after Boo who will be turning 7 this year!
(Lo and I claim the fall so I have 6 months in between party planning!) 

This year I have already set in motion for the party planning and asked the girls what they would like for their "theme"

I like to include them now that they are older and it usually turns out well. 


This year they have decided ON....

D: Black N Red....
 I LOVE this cake! :) Her??? Maybe not as much :( 

 I could make these myself.... MAYBE?
 Chocolate covered cookies? Yum who else says YES! 
 She doesn't want polka dots, stripes or anything else "girly" UGH! 
She would like this one better than the one I think is too cute :) 
 I am sure that hers will be the most difficult to plan because she is picky but we shall see what happens 
Boo: Frozen....
Here are a few inspirations for the big day :) 
 I love how simple this is AND the fact that it would be inexpensive to do 
 Cupcakes??? OR Cake??? HMMMM
 Thought this would be another cute food idea for the party and kid friendly. 
  This would be a HUGE hit with kids and adults :) 
 FREE? While yes thank you! 
 These are cute BUT not sure if I will choose these over the one above..

As for the hubby's... Well mum is the word at this point :)