Thursday, August 21, 2014

Leave of Absence

I know all of my readers have been wondering where the hell I have been...
I have not forgotten about you all and I can say that I am missing my daily posts...
with my new job I feel like all I do is sleep and work... which is not to far from the truth :) 
I will be out the rest of the week BUT I am coming back with another series AND tons of things to catch you up on! 
Also how you can be featured in our blog!
 Hang in there guys :) 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks Thursday: Filing Cabneit Overhaul!

With 5 people in our house a filing cabinet or two in our case in our home is a MUST! 
I try to keep everything organized  and keep up with everything that is important in our lives and since I keep up with 5 bodies and everything that hoes with them from medical to school, from bills to important information the filing cabinets are my best friends. 
Now it is so easy to just throw paperwork in my desk and save for later but with this new schedule I keep I have no time to be lazy or to procrastinate ( I am A HUGE procrastinator 95% of the time) 
So my first goal for my organizing my life project was to overhaul my two filing cabinets. 
Once they are over hauled I plan on giving them a make over (stay tuned).

We have two small 2 drawer filing cabinets as of now. I am sure I'll add more eventually but right now here is how they stand.
The first one is for all of our important things from tax info over the last few years to kids school info and everything in between.
The second is all my business stuff for WtP and KGnD plus car info and current things we keep up with. ( eventually I will add a third cabinet and separate the two)

Here is what I WAS working with:

Now how do I organize all this info you ask well its really simple IF I would keep it up (which I hope to after this overhaul is completed)
First step to buy the supplies needed..
Right now with back to school folders are DIRT cheap so I stock up on them.
I personally like to use the 3 pronged portfolio folders.
#1 the are in every color imaginable
#2 they have pockets
#3 they have prongs for papers
#4 did I mention they were cheap!
At $0.15 each I can stock up on plenty to do the overhaul PLUS keep plenty of extras for additions!

These were purchased at Target but Wal-Mart carries them also.

The next step for me is to use my handy Sharpe and label them.

 These are examples of the girls school folders. I do one of these for each year and put in their awards, special art work or anything else I see fit for their keep sake box. At the end of the year I move them to their boxes and start a new folder during the summer.

Each category has their own folder like above so taxes, insurance etc...

Next I organize and divide everything to get ready for their new home (aka their designated folder)

I still use the divided hanging folders to help keep things separated and even more organized.

Also when I put the folders in their homes in the filing cabinets I place them spine up, that way they look even more neat and organized.
Thanks to the different colors it is easy for me to remember what color is for what in each hanging tab and it looks SO pretty!
Here is how they turned out:

I am thrilled with how these turned out and I feel really accomplished!
I am excited for my next organizing step... and making these bad boys over... 
This is what they look like now:

hmmm what shall I do next...

What will we share next week? Come see!

Do you have a tip or trick idea you would like to see if so lets hear it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Middle School Open House

Monday night me and D were off to her last year of middle schools open house!
It is very hard for me to think that she is in 7th grade and then already headed into Junior High.
Open house for middle school here of course is the day where we get to meet the teachers, pick up the schedules and get to see if you get a top or bottom locker (the important things). Plus we pick up all the Remind 101 info, class rules and synopsis, PLUS run into every parent and student in-between.
This year I am excited for D's schedule and she also seems to be very thrilled with it and how it is all planned out for the day.
Thankfully we do NOT have a major core class first thing in the morning (which we had problems with last year) and we start off the day with GT (Gifted Program) and end the day in Advanced Band.
The classes that we hit in between them are: Science, Social Studies, Advanced Math. Pre AP English, Keyboarding, Fitness (P.E), and Advisory.
We are very excited to see all the new things D will learn this year as we prep for Junior High. I KNOW the end of this year will bring on many more changes as she gets ready to enter a NEW school again and get to start trying out for school clubs and teams like the color guard.
Here is to our last year of Middle School!
May we BOTH survive with good grades :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

While We Were Away: A Weekened Recap

Well this has been one jammed packed weekend!
Friday I took the girls for their annual back to school hair cuts and this is what they came up with.

Saturday the girls were off to a birthday party as I stayed home to sleep since it was my first overnight on the job. Thanks to Tracy for taking them allowed me a few hours of napping for this mamma!
Sunday we had a relaxing day. The hubby was not feeling well and I was tired. We relaxed and cat napped most of the day and did nothing exciting really but the usual house things. Like cleaning and prepping for our last week before school starts.
I worked Sunday night but Monday was busy with things to do.
The hubby was home sick Monday so he was resting as I took the oldest and the youngest to their eye doctor.
And well it looks like all three of the girlies will now be sporting geek gear. Boo's comes in with in the next few weeks so stay tuned to see what she picked out.
Last night we went to our last open house for D in Middle School. That chick is off to 7th grade and I am in a slight I am getting old panic...
I will share more about her schedule and all later this week.
I was off last night so today I am in a MAD rush to finish up house work, get some stuff cleaned and then finish an organizing project!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Feeling Blessed Friday

There is an old saying it takes a village to raise kids and after this first week of back into the working world I would totally agree.
Since I was "training" this week I worked during the day time for a few hours while the hubby was still at work himself. This caused stress and anxiety on my behalf on what to do with my brats and still be able to work my full week.
 I originally thought I would straight into overnights but when it hit me at orientation that I would be on days my heart raced and my worry about everything self got my mind to racing...

Of course Tracy (my neighbor and BFF) HAD to wine about our week after orientation and I was telling her my problem and when I needed someone etc. 
She was quick to respond she could take them for 3 days this last week. I was so relived and excited and I know that this is a woman who is ALWAYS busy and it melted my heart to know she would take them for a few hours while the hubby finished his day at work.
Our other neighbors: Dallas, Kristyn and Christy took them all yesterday for me while I had a full shift and I was so thankful that this week was covered!
My amazing brother in law helped the hubby in the evenings when they both got off work and kept everything in line with his brother :)
He is going to be a GREAT dad and my girls LOVE their uncle! Him being here this summer has really been a blessing and it is something we will all remember and cherish for years to come!

Next week I start my overnight and I am SO excited. Kristyn is going to keep them in the mornings during the school year for me and since this is the last week of summer vacation her and the family are on one last trip. SO that counted them out this next week.
Again Tracy to the rescue!!!!

She offered to come over in the mornings that we were lacking someone to sit with the girls and then her daughter Courtney even said she would split the week with her mom... SO VERY VERY VERY blessed!

As for this weekend here is the plans:
Today is the annual back to school hair cuts! I am SO excited about them (like I ALWAYS am) and I can not wait to see the girls get their "fresh" start to the new school year.
The girls have a birthday party to go to this weekend
and I start my overnights...
PS buy stock in red bull :) You heard it here first!

I am excited to get things rolling and seeing the benefits of our little family working as a team.
This will have some adjusting and we will have LOTS going on the next few weeks between hair cuts, doctor appointments, me and the hubby both working and the kids starting school but we are all excited on this next adventure.

I am honestly just excited to see the hubby again!
I know its only been a week but I LOVE being home to hear about his day and being able to communicate with him about what's been happening in his girls' lives.

You all have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New Schedule = New Sleep Habits

Awww working overnight is defiantly not recommended for the sleep lover (oops).
Especially if you have kids.
This week I am fortunate enough to work evenings and home before the kids are off to bed since I am in "training" but as of Saturday night my butt will be working as the family is at home sawing logs...
As of right now I have finally got everything in order to where I can get EVERYTHING I NEED to get done before or shortly after the hubby gets home in the afternoons.
My typical day now starts between 5:15am and 6am (depends on school day or not) and then it is hit the floor running.
NOW seeing that I do not get off til 7 am I have already lost at least an hour into my routine.
My biggest concern on this is when I will get sleep. Once the kids start school I know it will be easier because I can rest peacefully but for the next week I have a feeling I will be lucky with 2 hours since we are going to be in full mode to get things ready for school between appointments and everything else.
I will find it odd to sleep during the day to begin with, it has been about 9-10 years since I have done this and needless to say I am not as young as I used to be but I am a night owl by heart.
I will also find it odd to have my alarm go off at 1-2 pm to wake up for the day...
Here is my thought process on how my day should go...
7 am off work
7:30 get home take kids to school if not done yet (Our neighbor girl is going to take them for me on nights I have to work but I will take them on my off days)
7:30-10:00 Start laundry, dinner (LOTS of crockpot meals coming our way) homework and clean up the house, work on WtP etc.
10:00-1:00pm: SLEEP
1:00pm WAKE UP!
1 -2:30pm shower, finish stuff up that wasn't done before my "bedtime" and get ready to get my girlies..
2:30-8 I will be getting the girls, helping with homework, finishing dinner, cleaning the kitchen, prepping stuff for the next day, spending time with the hubby and getting the kids ready for bed.
8:00-9:30: Spending time with the hubby OR taking a nap depending on the day I am sure
10pm: Back to work
Now I know that this will al change especially if there is a school activity, a doctors appointment or I have a HUGE assignment in school. I know that I will need to teach my body to get back on random sleep and lack there of but I am honestly excited to do so! I took the job to help our family. I want don't want to miss things and I want to have the opportunity to be there still...
Now lets hear your thoughts and suggestions on how to get my sleep patterns from nights to days?
Do you work nights?
What helped you transition over?



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm Going Back to... The Working World!

Yesterday on the blog I kept referring to my new job as my "vacation" I am sure some people thing that that is the WORST reference to a job ever but as a mom of 3 (2 being ADHD and 2 being PRE teen) YOU would too.
Now don't get me wrong. I have AMAZING kids! I love my girls with all my heart and I would die for them. I am blessed to call them mine and all that "typical" mom thoughts but I have worked since I was 16 and never thought I would be a stay at home mom. I am not made to be a stay at home mom but I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to do it the last 3 years.
Since I have the three girls and they are always busy kids, I needed a job where I could work around not only them but also around my hubby and his schedule and job. Plus I am in school still and I have the newspaper job and the little boy that I keep for his mom and last but not least I still have WtP.
Since I had to work around all of these other things I knew I needed a job that would be overnight and I also needed something were I would make decent money AND I wanted to get a job with benefits. There was only one place that I knew of that would fit all of these needs for me and my family.
If we flash back to 11 years ago I was hired to work there also but after 5 years I left the company to take time off to spend with my daughters and my new baby. I sort of regret leaving seeing that I am back there 11 years later BUT I am so thankful for all the opportunities that I have in between like meeting new friends, learning new job opportunities and skills and getting the chance to start WtP and go back to school finally.
My job is far from glamorous, I don't get to dress fancy, I don't even have to wear make up! BUT I am thrilled to have this opportunity to help the hubby with our newest goals.
I was hesitant on sharing my new job with everyone because it is a retail job again and not in the photography field but you know what I am excited for this opportunity! This may even be the break I needed to build clients for WtP. Only God knows, there for I will be proud to say that I am not to proud to step back and take the steps needed to help provide for my family and my self, for my business and for the goals I have set.
This week is odd scheduling then it is off to overnight... I am struggling on how to swap my sleep patterns it has been SO long and I am not as young as I used to be...

Monday, August 4, 2014

Whle We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

Our weekend was very fast paced and hectic as usual. I am not sure why we expect anything other than chaos in our lives but I think it is because we love it so much!
I sent the day with 4 kids and working on my first project of organizing our little family. ( I will share more on the blog this week) It is quite a challenge to do an organization project with 4 kids at home... But I am more than half way through on this one and I am so excited how it is turning out so far!
 After all the daycare babies were home with their families me and the girlies and my brother in law ran up to the elementary school where they FINALLY had the classes posted (I have been waiting on this for weeks).
The girls are pretty excited to start back school and are more ready than momma. I am just excited they are ready to go back this year! Usually they are dragging their feet about starting school.
Friday evening my best friend Tracy came over so we could wine about our weeks. This is becoming tradition and I LOVE it. It is nice to know that this mamma has someone to vent to other than my poor hubby ( I am sure he gets tired of hearing it :) ) we also celebrated the fact that I was going to vacation work the next day after 3 years of being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)!
Saturday morning the hubby had his hands full with 3 girls (ours) and 2 teenage boys (his brother and my god brother)  while I went to my first day of vacation  work.
I have NEVER been so excited to get back into the working world! I am not sure if it is because (lets be honest) I was lost as a SAHM or if it is because I feel like I am finally HELPING and being apart of the team in our marriage again. Either way I am ready to get this show on the road and get things accomplished in our lives.
I will share more about my first vacation work day this week. AND why I call it vacation :)
When I got home it was already later in the day so it was a quick meal for the 5 kids in the house and then some relaxation. Of course the bestie came over to hear all about my day and though she didn't stay long it was nice to chat. The hubby heard ALL about it when I called him on my lunch break. He and I have both worked for this company many years ago so her pretty much knows how it works as do I. As a matter of fact we met at this place... and the rest is history... :)
Sunday I was off of work and since it was tax free weekend and the brother in law has been working with the Hubby this summer he wanted to go buy his OWN school clothes. (What an AMAZING "kid") So we took him into Little Rock to do just that and get him some things that he needed. While we were there he treated us all to lunch (See AMAZING) as a thank you for everything.
When we got home my godfather came to get my god brother and then we were off again. Some of the clothes didn't fit right so we went to try and exchange them and the hubby wanted to buy me a lanyard for my name tag for work.
After we ran around it was home bound with movies, relaxation and getting ready for our first week of mommy and daddy working.
And a sweet surprise from Dallas and Kristyn who brought home me and the Hubby an addition to our collections from Silver Dollar City from their weekend in Branson Missouri!
My schedule is odd this week and so we have had to rely on some pretty amazing neighbors who is splitting time up this week to take the girls in between me going to work and the hubby getting home.
I am sure that they girls will be having LOTS to talk about when I see them again when I get home this week: )
HUGE thanks to Tracy, Kristyn and Dallas!

Friday, August 1, 2014

My NEW Goals

With my 30th birthday right around the corner I decided it was a great time to grow up.
So I have set some new and improved goals for myself.
Goal 1: Better Time Management

Tomorrow I start a new job working overnights and though I have been out of the real world working for almost 3 years now I am very excited to join the work force.
With the other "jobs" I already have I wanted something to work around my kids, my husband, my photography, my school and my newspaper job.
This is where I NEED to get some better time management skills under my belt to survive this next adventure in our lives.
Goal 2: Becoming Debt Free
This is another reason I wanted to go back to work. With three kids and the cost of living going nothing but up it is harder for the hubby to help us accomplish this goal in life.
I will be spending the time and resources to get us in a better place and get things taken care of sooner rather than later. Which plays into my third goal.
Goal 3: Saving Money
We all NEED to do this and I am TOTALLY convinced I should have been doing this sooner!
I have a few ideas how this can be done and how we can accomplish this.
We will utilize this goal for a "rainy day" fund, vacations, and major purchases that need to be made (you never know when the washer and dyer will go to appliance heaven, or the cars needing a new part etc)
Goal 4: Organize MY life:
This goal goes hand in hand with my time management skills, organizing our home and lives will help not only me, but the hubby and the girls transition into this life of mommy working again.
I want to redo my filing cabinet (started yesterday! YAY!)
Organize my bathroom (5 people and ONE bathroom is product HELL)
Organize the kids rooms... etc... Basically the WHOLE HOUSE!
Plan meals, bills and appointments...
I think you get the idea
(Each organizing task will be featured here for you)
Goal 5: Revamp the House:
Yesterday on the blog I shared 3 projects I am wanting to do for the house.
There are LOTS of things running through my mind to make our house more of our home and get things in more visually put together versus the "single" style we have now were things are thrown together and think they look good. I know this is a LONG road and I am ready to see finals in the rooms as I will tackle one room at a time.
But where to start.... hmmm...
What goals do you have for yourself?
Maybe I am just having a mid life crisis about 20 years early! :/