Monday, August 4, 2014

Whle We Were Away: A Weekend Recap

Our weekend was very fast paced and hectic as usual. I am not sure why we expect anything other than chaos in our lives but I think it is because we love it so much!
I sent the day with 4 kids and working on my first project of organizing our little family. ( I will share more on the blog this week) It is quite a challenge to do an organization project with 4 kids at home... But I am more than half way through on this one and I am so excited how it is turning out so far!
 After all the daycare babies were home with their families me and the girlies and my brother in law ran up to the elementary school where they FINALLY had the classes posted (I have been waiting on this for weeks).
The girls are pretty excited to start back school and are more ready than momma. I am just excited they are ready to go back this year! Usually they are dragging their feet about starting school.
Friday evening my best friend Tracy came over so we could wine about our weeks. This is becoming tradition and I LOVE it. It is nice to know that this mamma has someone to vent to other than my poor hubby ( I am sure he gets tired of hearing it :) ) we also celebrated the fact that I was going to vacation work the next day after 3 years of being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)!
Saturday morning the hubby had his hands full with 3 girls (ours) and 2 teenage boys (his brother and my god brother)  while I went to my first day of vacation  work.
I have NEVER been so excited to get back into the working world! I am not sure if it is because (lets be honest) I was lost as a SAHM or if it is because I feel like I am finally HELPING and being apart of the team in our marriage again. Either way I am ready to get this show on the road and get things accomplished in our lives.
I will share more about my first vacation work day this week. AND why I call it vacation :)
When I got home it was already later in the day so it was a quick meal for the 5 kids in the house and then some relaxation. Of course the bestie came over to hear all about my day and though she didn't stay long it was nice to chat. The hubby heard ALL about it when I called him on my lunch break. He and I have both worked for this company many years ago so her pretty much knows how it works as do I. As a matter of fact we met at this place... and the rest is history... :)
Sunday I was off of work and since it was tax free weekend and the brother in law has been working with the Hubby this summer he wanted to go buy his OWN school clothes. (What an AMAZING "kid") So we took him into Little Rock to do just that and get him some things that he needed. While we were there he treated us all to lunch (See AMAZING) as a thank you for everything.
When we got home my godfather came to get my god brother and then we were off again. Some of the clothes didn't fit right so we went to try and exchange them and the hubby wanted to buy me a lanyard for my name tag for work.
After we ran around it was home bound with movies, relaxation and getting ready for our first week of mommy and daddy working.
And a sweet surprise from Dallas and Kristyn who brought home me and the Hubby an addition to our collections from Silver Dollar City from their weekend in Branson Missouri!
My schedule is odd this week and so we have had to rely on some pretty amazing neighbors who is splitting time up this week to take the girls in between me going to work and the hubby getting home.
I am sure that they girls will be having LOTS to talk about when I see them again when I get home this week: )
HUGE thanks to Tracy, Kristyn and Dallas!