Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips and Tricks Thursday: Filing Cabneit Overhaul!

With 5 people in our house a filing cabinet or two in our case in our home is a MUST! 
I try to keep everything organized  and keep up with everything that is important in our lives and since I keep up with 5 bodies and everything that hoes with them from medical to school, from bills to important information the filing cabinets are my best friends. 
Now it is so easy to just throw paperwork in my desk and save for later but with this new schedule I keep I have no time to be lazy or to procrastinate ( I am A HUGE procrastinator 95% of the time) 
So my first goal for my organizing my life project was to overhaul my two filing cabinets. 
Once they are over hauled I plan on giving them a make over (stay tuned).

We have two small 2 drawer filing cabinets as of now. I am sure I'll add more eventually but right now here is how they stand.
The first one is for all of our important things from tax info over the last few years to kids school info and everything in between.
The second is all my business stuff for WtP and KGnD plus car info and current things we keep up with. ( eventually I will add a third cabinet and separate the two)

Here is what I WAS working with:

Now how do I organize all this info you ask well its really simple IF I would keep it up (which I hope to after this overhaul is completed)
First step to buy the supplies needed..
Right now with back to school folders are DIRT cheap so I stock up on them.
I personally like to use the 3 pronged portfolio folders.
#1 the are in every color imaginable
#2 they have pockets
#3 they have prongs for papers
#4 did I mention they were cheap!
At $0.15 each I can stock up on plenty to do the overhaul PLUS keep plenty of extras for additions!

These were purchased at Target but Wal-Mart carries them also.

The next step for me is to use my handy Sharpe and label them.

 These are examples of the girls school folders. I do one of these for each year and put in their awards, special art work or anything else I see fit for their keep sake box. At the end of the year I move them to their boxes and start a new folder during the summer.

Each category has their own folder like above so taxes, insurance etc...

Next I organize and divide everything to get ready for their new home (aka their designated folder)

I still use the divided hanging folders to help keep things separated and even more organized.

Also when I put the folders in their homes in the filing cabinets I place them spine up, that way they look even more neat and organized.
Thanks to the different colors it is easy for me to remember what color is for what in each hanging tab and it looks SO pretty!
Here is how they turned out:

I am thrilled with how these turned out and I feel really accomplished!
I am excited for my next organizing step... and making these bad boys over... 
This is what they look like now:

hmmm what shall I do next...

What will we share next week? Come see!

Do you have a tip or trick idea you would like to see if so lets hear it!