Friday, August 8, 2014

Feeling Blessed Friday

There is an old saying it takes a village to raise kids and after this first week of back into the working world I would totally agree.
Since I was "training" this week I worked during the day time for a few hours while the hubby was still at work himself. This caused stress and anxiety on my behalf on what to do with my brats and still be able to work my full week.
 I originally thought I would straight into overnights but when it hit me at orientation that I would be on days my heart raced and my worry about everything self got my mind to racing...

Of course Tracy (my neighbor and BFF) HAD to wine about our week after orientation and I was telling her my problem and when I needed someone etc. 
She was quick to respond she could take them for 3 days this last week. I was so relived and excited and I know that this is a woman who is ALWAYS busy and it melted my heart to know she would take them for a few hours while the hubby finished his day at work.
Our other neighbors: Dallas, Kristyn and Christy took them all yesterday for me while I had a full shift and I was so thankful that this week was covered!
My amazing brother in law helped the hubby in the evenings when they both got off work and kept everything in line with his brother :)
He is going to be a GREAT dad and my girls LOVE their uncle! Him being here this summer has really been a blessing and it is something we will all remember and cherish for years to come!

Next week I start my overnight and I am SO excited. Kristyn is going to keep them in the mornings during the school year for me and since this is the last week of summer vacation her and the family are on one last trip. SO that counted them out this next week.
Again Tracy to the rescue!!!!

She offered to come over in the mornings that we were lacking someone to sit with the girls and then her daughter Courtney even said she would split the week with her mom... SO VERY VERY VERY blessed!

As for this weekend here is the plans:
Today is the annual back to school hair cuts! I am SO excited about them (like I ALWAYS am) and I can not wait to see the girls get their "fresh" start to the new school year.
The girls have a birthday party to go to this weekend
and I start my overnights...
PS buy stock in red bull :) You heard it here first!

I am excited to get things rolling and seeing the benefits of our little family working as a team.
This will have some adjusting and we will have LOTS going on the next few weeks between hair cuts, doctor appointments, me and the hubby both working and the kids starting school but we are all excited on this next adventure.

I am honestly just excited to see the hubby again!
I know its only been a week but I LOVE being home to hear about his day and being able to communicate with him about what's been happening in his girls' lives.

You all have an amazing weekend!